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Run! Run! As fast as you can!
The thinning of the herd, the thinning of the herd
Run! Run! As fast as you can!
The thinning of the herd, the thinning
When the world stops spinning
Who's gonna be there
Who's gonna take good care of you
When the crowds start thinning
When the crowds start thinning
Can I
won’t give up, I hear each word
Magnified, I won’t
I won’t make vows to a world of fire
Thinning our lines out, Thinning our lines

Peak divides now I am
My high is too low what the fuck kinda strain did they deal me
Doing the wrong drugs all along I can’t believe it
Rip my heart out my chest damn
Danger in the street, drowning from the stream, sink or swim
Breathe, thinning out the weak, leave them in
Ease, hammer out the Benz, corner bends
to breath when the air keeps thinning
This ain't living, but existing
Been a minute since I've been idyllic
The world kept spinning, the phone kept ringing
lifeline thinning, I can't make the right decisions, oh-oh
I can't see the light while it's dimming, lost my inner light, it diminished, oh-oh
All this help
Talk to me proper
My patience is thinning
I could turn to a monster
Just like helicopters
Slime keeping them choppers
Chasing  that guap
like its
and the missing link 
over like you and me on the brink 
the ice is thinning and i sink 

I know, I ain't easy
i'd paint that the breeze set in 
i feel the faint
to do so is thinning quickly 
I like to start fights in my mind with people that stopped existing

Struggle with staying asleep, Struggle with building
all her bills as she coming down
Thinning out, started binging now she lost ‘bout twenty pounds
Going out, sell herself so she can lay above the clouds
killing us slowly worship your savior
God's killing us slowly thinning out the herd
God's killing us slowly worship your savior
God's killing us slowly
I think the room is spinning
I think my blood is thinning
Oh, this must be ascension
I asked when this be ending
They said there is no ending
Feeling like the city kinda thinning for the top notch (top notch)
Really they be grinning when they see me catch a road block (road block)
But I'm
the concept never stood so true
Dragging my feet through the dirt, I need something new

So I'm bound to collapse
The soles are thinning on my shoes
Bury me in
trouble over it
As I’m only stating my viewpoint
End of the beginning
The ice is thinning
High school almost over
Devil on my shoulder
It’s the end
Yea yea yea yea
Yea yea yea yea
Fuck up it fuck up it fuck it up

Fuck up a check im winning
Pocket never thinning
New ice im grinning
New coupe no
That's how you know you're on the way to more winning, young hustla
Do your breathing, do your breathing. The steeper the climb
Do your breathing,
Told me that this shit would last yeah I'm thinning bout it now 

I need some closure I know 

It seems like everyone wants to leave 
They take what they
'cause you're running out of time
'Til it comes down
I'll give myself the rundown
Now you're thinning out the ice
So don't you lie, lie, lie, 'cause you're
and penetrate the unprotected atmosphere. 
Piercing through the thinning veil separating all mankind from that which lay and wait inside the  
deepest grimmest
pockets thinning
You can try but this where I'm still standing
I can do this shit myself

Know some shit that I cannot talk about
And my gun something I
of red on skin so fair
We're too young to see
How long these days won't be
How many more do we get
How many more, sans regret
The thinning sunsets
Seem so

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