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Paint Thinner  


It's hard to see anything when you can see everything
If I can't have what they have what even is me?

I'm a sliver growing thinner
Feeling smaller
And I'm scared of this 'spirant human nature
Mourn of my age, black lips and thinner pleasure

We could zip up these electrical perceptions
Shut down
but she wants to be thinner
Why that? Why you wanna be thinner
Why that? Why you wanna be slimmer
Slim waist cute face, I'm the winner
You worked hard
I see a life that's better than this, better than this, so I got hope
Oh I got hope
I'm holding on rope that's thinner than thread, thinner than
Ima bread winner
Bucktown sinner
Snitching in yo blood
We gon needa get sum thinners
Eighth inner going all in
Legend where you from
Ima legend where
Rosalee, sugar sweet
How I’d like to make you mine
I’d take you down, to the county seat
You could take my name anytime
Is the air getting thinner
always finding trouble 
And the road it fades away
And the road it's getting thinner

Get by on my personality
My name?
My name is baby

I'm camera
higher than sustained by the wires
In your brain; you're tired 'cause it's thinner than your blood

Draining from the straining of complaining over pain
Ain't shit sweet but the swisher 
I really want her sister 
She fuck me good I miss her
She always cook me dinner
She fuckin wit a winner
I say she
ear that I have now forgotten

Keep scratching the surface but I never win
The skin gets thinner over time
And bruises are just special blood
That you
They love how Xavii get realer
Need that fur Chinchilla
Bad Bitch she from Tinder
Slim thick, waist thinner
Way too bad you can't miss her
Pop a tag

You might be fatter and older
But I'm thinner and poorer
I can't even eat more than one meal a day
You're fatter and older
I'm thinner and poorer
To stop the ice from getting thinner under me and you

We bury our love in the wintery grave
A lump in the snow was all that remained
But we stayed by
You didn't mind that's what you said

We just get thinner and thinner
We just get thinner and thinner
You and me we're not in this thing together
Winner winner chicken dinner (Hope you're hungry bitches)

Packets fatter, patience thinner (Yvie)

I'm still smoking (Bebe) hot: no quitter (Shea)
that these are fat times
But I feel thinner every day
And I hope it's just an outline 
Of bigger things taking shape

The bread I could eat in
They'll judge you 'cause you're a little bigger
They'll judge you 'cause you're a little thinner
They'll judge you 'cause you're a little chipper
They'll judge you 'cause you're a little bigger
They'll judge you 'cause you're a little thinner
They'll judge you 'cause you're a little chipper
Winner winner chicken dinner
Pocket's fatter patience thinner
I'm still smoking hot no quitter
Bitch I'm better, don't be bitter 

You're confetti,
kiss my fat ass)

I won't fall for it today 
You should be better, you should be better
No, why would I just waste away 
You should be thinner, you
the world
(Keep it inside)
It's your right now
Don't hit your sister
(Nobody likes a crybaby)
We like girls who are thinner, baby
(Don't hit your
a little more aware
Just a little bit thinner

And maybe I'd get there...

Clearly, clearly I remember
Hiking up my skirt
Asking for your time
Thinner at the waist line
I feel thinner at the waist line
I'm getting old in the face
Everyday there's another new line, new line

What we call inner
Gets thinner and thinner as we grow
Labels get dimmer
Like widows in glitter still far from the love
Couldn't save the light

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