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be told to keep
Her window shades all pulled completely down
Well Mr Harper couldn't make it cause he stayed too long at Kelly's Bar again
And if
ought to be a bringing up your little girl this way
It was signed by the secretary Harper Valley P.T.A."

Well, it happened that the P.T.A.
Was gonna
Nobody like you ever passed my way
Maybe it must be too much sun
Couldn't be my hat, must be too much...

Wait a minute! is that you?
What's that?
to stay.

If I find another way that couldn't be the same,
She'd never call me by my name
The way you do, but it's me I blame
And I'm sorry I must
I tap my fingers to the same old thing
And dream of better things to see

I couldn't tell you what path it comes by
I couldn't tell you if it's
the same old crowd
Just pass you by in the street
It must be tough knowing your stuff
Could only horrify the elite

You cut off everyone you know
Jacks all day.
It's a patriotic scene, all that's missing is the Queen,
But she said she couldn't make it of a Tuesday.
Then something wells up here
was no hope of my saving them
Till the last levee broke and the floods came and washed away our home

Then it was over and I will never be the same
closed tight, throwing punch after punch at the world
Sarah, is it ever gonna be the same
Sarah, is it ever gonna be the same

Said goodbye to all
Things like this
Can always take a little time
I always thought
We'd be together down the line
We start to fight
And can't get over what was
was the same

I'm sorry blame infatuation blame imagination 
I was sure you'd be the one but I was wrong 
It seems reality destroys our dreams I
I'm not the same as I used to be
All the things you've heard seem hard to believe
Haven't always been good, never really been bad
Most times I've
Things like this
Can always take a little time
I always thought
We'd be together down the line

We start to fight
And can't get over what was
I saw you sittin' there sippin' red wine down at Causen Mills
I knew you'd prob'ly be outta my league but I though, what the hell?
Aw, what
It's been years and it's still the same
And that hurts
He ought a know that by now

I've grown so used to being alone
Couldn't be much worse if I
of thing, that you buy
Written in my destiny
Life is but a dream
Covered by the sky
Stop saying that you're calling time
Look at your life before you
you never frown
I couldn't find a sweeter pal if I'd search the whole world around

Blue eyed Elaine you're the sweetest thing and I love you so
couldn't by you diamond rings and all those other expensive things,
Would you be so into me,
If I wasn't a celebrity?

Lately, I done a little thinking
before the spring
But weeks went by with no reply until once more my birthday came
And with it my surprise, but this time nothing was the same

If I got locked away
And we lost it all today
Tell me honestly, would you still love me the same?
If I showed you my flaws
If I couldn't be
He said there's no future back here in these hills
His mind grew so restless he couldn't be still
Though I knew I might lose him and all I dreamed
-P. Barrett-

Mi tired fi every evening me go home
Me girl a tell me the same thing over and over again
Bwoy, she just keep repeating every time
you understand?

Well,I guess you had to be there
Yeah,you really had to be there
Some things you just can't explain
It's just not the same

Sometimes I wonder
Why are we so blind to fate?
Without compassion, there can be no end to hate
No end to sorrow
Caused by the same endless
touched by its' beauty
And I hope to touch you too
'Cause I still seek the same things
That I once sought to be true 
And you know, that where the wind