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politicians tremble 
Continental sister's rocking with the liquid gambler 
Now the time is here, now it's coming true 
The enigmatic ecstasy is overwhelming
don't fail, slip on the jeans and a tee
Check I guess it's time to do work
Make my class at one o'clock, grab the white smock
Pour the contents from
beat elitists.
Element five,
Fully sold on operation,
Jeopardized on my survival.
I will survive when sprayed by heavens liquid ammunition,
thrill sticks
This girl will spit fire
Got me doing pirouettes over her guilt trip wire
I still skip by a land mine or two, see I've learned the landscape
to introduce me to her homies
I said "Well, baby girl, go get your kemo sabes"
"I'll get my Liquid niggas"
"We'll meet you in the lobby"
She walked wit' a smile
fight faster pushing up deluxe Dutchmaster
Enter my potential of script it might flash you, 
Wit impact, of a two hundred pound wind, 
See you chased by