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meant to be crap
We hate all music and especially rap

We don't like Michael Jackson, we hate Depeche Mode
We don't care for Madonna or Kylie Minogue
We hate all music and especially rap

We don't like Michael Jackson, we hate Depeche Mode
We don't care for Madonna or Kylie Minogue
Michael Jackson Cover

Written and Composed by Michael Jackson.
Rap Lyrics by Bill Bottrell.
Produced by Michael Jackson and Bill Bottrell.

Yo Paul
It's Em
I got your call about the Michael Jackson thing
And I know he's not thrilled about the video
What, does he want to be startin'
everybody speechless like Michael Jackson's song, enuh
When we a work, dem did a laugh, enuh
No blood inna mi eye, vengeance inna mi heart, enuh
Oh, we
Tuesday morning, 8:15
I was riding to work on the
Jackson Park Express
Seemed like any other day
Then my whole world changed
In a way I never could
Pull, pull
Wuh! (Sung sorta like Michael Jackson)
Come on!
Solo, I'm a soloist on a solo list
Al live, never on a floppy disk
Song about a boy with a really nice bike
This single life, it sure is fun

We'll snort some cocaine in the bathroom by the condom dispenser
I sit down in my seat, 2C
She approach officially talking about, "Excuse me"
Her lips curl up into a tight space
Cause she don't believe that I'm in
think about that
Would he get that type of dap if his name was Woody Black?
O.J. found innocent by a jury of his peers
And they been fuckin with that
find a trace
There's more to us than that

Every single tear
Every shattered dream
They're just like pieces of a puzzle
Of themselves not what they seem
a cutting down OUR role models

Cause every single time we make a stance now yeah arrh!
They always try their very best to catch us with our pants down woe
doin, man
Don't give a damn if the squares don't understand
You let em tell you what to say and what to write
Your whole career'll be over by tomorrow
we stay strong?

Only we can save us from us
Bring about change we will show our people love

My people, hold your head up
My people,
Lil Jon with the beat (jeah!) and now them hoes want to call ya
I ain't Michael Jackson the P won't quit
I'd rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6
hook an innocent baby cause he don't care
He loves to eat, girls and boys, and he's nothin but poison
The biggest ????? of Michael Jackson he's makin

The late Michael Jackson doing the moon walk on the telly
And I was like "who's bad?"
Sitting there smoking, sipping MD 20/20 thinking I was

She woke me up late last night
She said something don't feel right
I think it would be best for me
To get this
Time goes by
Just like yesterday
Just like like Mr. James says

Take these pigeons for example
Well they never seem to have
A single worry
with Janet Jackson you cured

Baby (baby)
Don't matter what they say baby (baby)
They just don't know my baby
And how I feel about you
Baby (baby)
to cope (Damn)
"Can it be I stayed away too long"
All these rappers wanna talk about is guns and dope
Don't they realize, we all at the end of our rope
in a ring
Don't care what he talkin' about, he is not seein'
MO hit back, they my worst, they all clingy
Pull up on little shawty got that top
heard their prayer
Down in New Orleans

On the run, there's a life for livin'
But the people there, they just don't care
Livin' their life like
They need to exit don't let the grind past you by
I run laps round lames with my shoes untied
I jump the line walk in and watch the crowd divide
don't care 
(stop crying) 
Trying to get us to leave 
'cause what we say just ain't playing
But holding me back from what I say just ain't me 


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