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Blue Grass Stomp is an instrumental created by Bill Monroe. ;)
There are no lyrics.
anything that you want
Is there anything that you need
Call on me (Ginuwine)
Call on me (Ginuwine)

Is there anything that you want
Is there anything
you want
Is there anything that you need
Call on me (Ginuwine)
Call on me (Ginuwine)

Is there anything that you want
Is there anything that you
Gardenia Waltz was penned by Johnny Gimble and is an instrumental. There have never been any lyrics to my knowledge.
Don't stop now straight to the top now

[Ginuwine & Mario Winans]
Someone who truly understands, how to treat a man
This is what I need
Katy Hill is a traditional song instrumental. There are no known lyrics. Popularized by Bill Monroe playing with Jerry Garcia (Greatful Dead fame).
Welcome y'all
Mmm Mmm Mmm
I'm back 1 more 'gain
Now what's my name y'all?
Could it be Little man joined with the Timbaland?
Could it be Ginuwine
and a pound of weed
It's on, it's on

[Fat Joe]
Now mami, let's get serious, 'cause by the looks of it
It seems your sexuality is just a little curious
to the floor, got together
And I tapped that ass, yeah

Repeat 1 (2x)

Yo Flex take em there
Oh, oh, oh, oh...

You know what I mean
Ginuwine, Funk Flex
Looks just like Ginuwine
I know you been tappin that spine
Or could it be that nigga doin time
That got that stupid ass in the box
Back in 99 when
Is think of me think of Ginuwine
And I'll be right there for you
Life is a book that we study
Some of its leaves bring a sigh
There it was written by a buddy
That we must part, you and I

Nights are long since
This was an instrumental piece composed by orchestral string arranger/composer Paul Buckmaster and has no lyrics . It featured on the 1971 album
And I'm stuck here with no instructions that I can see
To steer by

Stick around it's tricky ground
I'd like to see your face alone
I'm hoping there's
boat! ) 
Or an ocean liner 
On it's way to China! 

Oh, there's no boat like a rowboat 
For row, row romancin' love . . . 

[ instrumental break ] 

him out 
This is the lil' man speaking right now 
Yo Timbaland  kick it 
If it's money to be made I guess I'm the printer 
If it's ice to be rocked
This is the lil' man speaking right now
Yo, Timbaland, kick it

If it's money to be made, I guess I'm the printer
If it's ice to be rocked, I guess
Mack like Goldie, it's the same story
Let you hold something, you spending it right
Know where you gon' be by the end of the night
Make it bounce,
Everybody everywhere does in the same language, yeah

[Crosby:] I can see by your coat, my friend you're from the other side
There's just one thing I would
the sun goeth down
When I wake with the blest in those mansions of rest
Will there be any stars in my crown.

--- Mandolin Instrumental ---

Oh, what joy it
getting scary for y'all niggaz now) what's good

There go the apple of my eye, my black butterfly
Don't try to pass me by, like you do them other guys
Say right by my side be'cause y'all I am Ginuwine,
And I will neva change (Ginuwine) I made be the same ol' G (made the same)
Be'cause this is is
the fellow by her side has
But there's one look that I'd give my life to see
We are locked in a wondrous embrace
And there on that fabulous face
Is that
to X by
So if you with it, admit it
And let me hit it, hit it
Until you feel it
'Cause I don't stop, get it, get it
You need a new coach
It finally came in, F'd around and got debated
Glad I made it, out of the ghetto
My rhyme style is heavy, it comes out smooth, and kind of subtle