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I'm giving you a jawful Of somethin awful
Yo my theoretic is leaded, Will come and set it
The shit bang and leave you diabetic for paramedics
your guts splittin' your torso
It's colder than the North Pole livin' unlawful
I'm giving you a jawful Of somethin' awful
Yo my theoretic is leaded, Will
your torso
It's colder than the North Pole livin unlawful 
I'm giving you a jawful Of somethin awful
Yo my theoretic is leaded, Will come and set it
Apologetic life
It’s a pathetic style
Your fool cosmetic smile
Fits your frenetic lies
The theoretic chain
Of a genetic faith
The energetic sin
Hard work separates the "wannabe's" and "gottabe's"
Sunlight for the photo Synthetic
You dudes confuse facts for theoretics
Bad ideas can modify your
These wastemans would rather not address shit
That bitch talk was all theoretic
Don't fuck with the bitches that stay off balance
Sipping on fanta
In the theoretic that I have lost it all
I’ll leave it all behind let my connections fall
Factory reset my phone and change my number
Book a flight
problema internales,
El odio, el racismo systematic
Emphatic, anti -theoretic pragmatic
God bless mi isla y a todos mi hispanics
Y la diaspora en el mundo
tryna Move on
Last move if they move wrong
Theoretic trinity
Double clutching mines and what's fina be
Know what all was meant for me
Make them hold me
ain't theoretic
I am far from copacetic
Do you get it?
Bitch you gonna get the edit
You wont make the final cut
I get all the credit
Wanna know what I
Now I'm speeding on a freeway
On a millennial gold rush
Freeing our mind like a leeway
L-Zero Theory like so much
Theoretic, I'm basking
of a king and heir in 'em
Phonetic minds genetic flow had studied kinetics poetic's unapologetic theoretic aesthetic
You bet if I spit better never been more
But there's rest for the Benz
Right now it's an epidemic
In a few days it's theoretic
Don't bother going outside
Everyone is inside
Yes, the numbers
your torso
It's colder than the North Pole livin unlawful
I'm giving you a jawful Of somethin awful
Yo my theoretic is leaded, Will come and set it
They can’t sit with us on my mean girl shit
Cause when they see me it’s like magic
Cosmetic theoretic mind games, eidetic
Betta be copacetic, run up
the model

Spinning out I find the answers, and the gun now
Blowing out my theoretic rubber, die down
Stress induced dance performed on the floor, ow
theoretic thrones
And for this shit we suppose to die nigga
Lord its hard to see straight
There's one thing for sure a couple things for certain
This life is
Your frenetic prosthetic
Is just theoretic
Antithetic detective
Good God it's goin' down tonight

I'm getting back
Back in the game
You can see the method
Behind the madness
Attached to a deep perspective
A theoretic
Contrast of the least expected
This is rap reinvented
With a dash
to bring me down but you just brought down yourself
You'd think I was a student for Charles Darwin
My evolution is almost theoretic got me evolvin
semi-automatic, theoretic, enigmatical
My rhyming is on point and so they call me systematical
Momma said the vision in my mind is problematical
But feeding
I think I'm coming around
Copacetic sympathetic anesthetic 
I'm on the ground
And it keeps getting me down
Erotetic theoretic synergetic 
Coming I
Yeah yeah, what's good Robot
Ugh, C'mon, Theoretic
Lemme say something real quick, yeah
Ayo the kid back, cut the chit-chat
Here to make some heads
tradition will be ruined by a uniform
You must not be secure or thinking with your dome
I call that a lack of attention
I first set it up as purely theoretic

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