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In your car, and we popped the steering wheel
And left it up by six flags (hit man)
My whole family full of ?hetland? hustlas
Now tell your
Brothers try to gas it but yo I'm not having it
Chump try to play me by they trees a company
Was a money grip, what's your problem, why your bumpin' me
Ray's guitar broke. No, we won't play Rawhide, won't play anything. 
We'll play the theme from the Dinah Shore show. 
Who wants to be Dinah Shore?
heat your feet, and still add a
Theme with so much steam, it makes sweat pour
From your faces, and the Ace is sure
Gonna do it, as you listen to it
round magazine and a dot
FMJ’s by the box, nigga
Got the same setup as the SWATs, nigga
Shouldn’t find that surprising
Cause I bought the muthafucka from
to receive our registration forms from the galactic embassy
'Yes may I help you?'
Remember me?
To escape a global panic we had to intercede
'Oh, you're
abilities couldn't kill me
Not me for a loop
But I can still breath
He had the crowd going by appearance
Here comes the anticipated interference from his
Spray off in the lobby 
Call us the shower posse 
The don ??? come through stylin' hard 
Wit two booms from the Sherlock squad-ray 
It be
to the bone but x-rays can't even see this
See I'm strategic I letcha money talk bullshit walk
While I keep it rollin' like parapalegics