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Waiting to find my theme
For these random scenes

Its a script conspired for comfort
Directed by the spectators
My personal lullabye

passion plays
Coming down a mountain
Eons have a human ring
The conversation of impassive planets
Intercepted by a human being

Ratiocination is
And by passing, the words of the horn player's blasting song,
Sang, sing-song melodies of modern-day choir themes.
Themes for schemes of dreams
to fight back to show that we care
For so many years we've been silenced by fear
Our lives have been ruined by liars and fools
The powerful and greedy who
Bled white and dead, Her true mother was fed
To the ravenous wolves that the elements led
From crag-jagged mountains that seemingly grew in unease
19, and my theme
is hittin skins while I make the ends
meet while I speak straight to the weak
For those that oppose, I'll even defeat
Point blank,
a day buzzed
Tripping on heights, wishing for Nikes in different flavors
The age of Kane and Big Daddy,shown by the caddies
Uncles named Larry, that
the game, but it was war, boy
Because the streets entice you for the wrong things
I couldn't pay the price, I wrote a song theme
And from the moment I touched
a celebration "man I'm glad that you're alive"
I'm happy to see my man you're beatin' the odds
And for this on this day we give thanks to the gods
Tossed in the air by my own arm, and launched so hard I broke my collarbone
(And when it's my time to go, I'm still not leaving)
Stop for no one, I don't
Yo, the theme cries
Rollin' for cream yo now watch the laser beam rise
Sling pies
Doin' our thing high. 

Verse 2: (Baby Thad)
The chain