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They're acting as me
And there's nothing I can do

Identity theft
Identity theft
Identity theft

So they took all me cash, straight out
gon' solve 'em
You think you John Gotti, huh?
You wanna hit him in his brain
Then go and get a change of paint
He think this Grand Theft Auto
the top down like Nine-Fs from Grand Theft
Bet pink slips like NFS got smoked out that's Grand Theft
Play around no cops out hit R-Two with A K out
You look
'Cause we're dealin' with identity theft

(You need an education)
I don't see why I got to
(You need a good degree)
As to assimilate

So little time, so
Grand Theft Auto
On these bitches
Sleepy Hollow
On these bitches
Stun like a model
They in stitches

Call me goofy like I'm a goober
Not a groupie so
Taxes are theft
Welfare is theft
Healthcare is theft
Clean air is theft
'Til it happens to me
I refuse to see
Minority needs don’t mean nothing to me
theft (just like grand theft)
I know the rest, I am still upset
I have lost myself, I have lost myself
I have lost myself, some people need help yuh
cuban, fuck a zoo I'm just a human
Out the auto with my grand while I'm just theiving, theft heist
I got my diamonds all white
Yeah, they talking real nice
so you might get left and
You can try to steal my shine but I got anti-theft
When u out here in these streets u better watch thy step
Don't you lose



There are multiple occurrences
We got enough straps
And enough bullets
If it really gotta go left
You get ya mans whacked
He ain’t wanna do it
Took his life like a whole theft
Grand theft auto I'm most wanted
Dodge the 5O I'm most wanted
5 stars I'm most wanted
Fast car I'm most wanted
Grand theft auto I'm most wanted
Under arrest Baby your under arrest
Addicted to theft, I see the tracks that you've left
Obsessed with stealing hearts so it's mine I protect
I haven't been the same ever since that nigga left
Haven't been the same ever since got caught for theft
Haven't been the same since my momma was in
Viviéndome la vida como un Rockstar (Rockstar)
El más buscado, ‘Grand Theft Auto’ five stars (Five stars)
Guerra conmigo significa ‘Star Wars’ (Star
If you want smoke look, you can get faded
Your bitch in my crib and she gettin' naked
Grand Theft Auto shit, bitch you get wasted
Anything you got
that's luck
'Cause I done let out rounds, and it come back around (yeah)
Identity theft (yeah, yeah, skrr, skrr)
That's my occupation, I love to pop
James, ayy
I had hoop dreams like Steph, ayy
I'm in a drug house with the meth
Feds tryna charge me a with a theft
All my dreams they done went
the ride
Grand Theft Auto in the springs
They lights be lighting up the night
We cruise I25
Whys everybody online talk shit
Hit em in the lip bet they gonna

Can't believe you left 
You took my heart 
Call it theft 
Stuck on what you said

I'm not enough 
From your lips I read 
Hit me hard

You don't wanna start me up 
You don't wanna 

If you got the key then
Well Lil Breaux 
Got the ignition 
Grand theft auto 3 
The way that
I be
Viviendo como si esto fuese Grand Theft Auto
Y quiere en el auto (oh-oh), en el auto (oh-oh)
Todo discreto, que yo a ninguna pauto
Quiere un
more blood, more pain
More threats, more theft, torn jeans, cocaine
Midnight ride down the Sunset Strip
New bike with the plate, read the 666

Yeah yeah
We lit

This ain't no Xbox Sega Atari Nintendo
Minecraft Fortnite or Grand Theft Auto
You can't play me
No I won't let you do that

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