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[Motion Man]
Yo, this goes out to my man Ced Gee
TR Love, Moe Love, yeah

The Bridge, Bay-Bridge, the-be	-the-be	-bridge
The Bridge,
[Motion Man]
Yo, this goes out to my man Ced Gee
TR Love, Moe Love, yeah

The Bridge, Bay-Bridge, the-be	-the-be	-bridge
The Bridge,
didn't eat 'em
Then head to Thebe's house for some gymnastics
Fantastic, I backflip on this beat B
Cause we running shit like the Dingleberry's on four
allow me another visit. Yes... Giza, Karnak, Thebes... I see them now once more! In the grip of a waking dream, I walk those restless sands again.
of Karnak and Thebes
Could walk through the ocean and the seas
When the pyramid she would sigh
The waters streamed from the sky
The ocean you know is your
a little tense, how is Thebe?

All because a nigga just don't give a fuck
Parents wanna blame me all because their kid is fucking up
But fuck that, you're
The negro come on sucker 
Anthrax jesus sack of the-be	 
Shawl for he-be	 
No bye the bye pulling out won't be slow sorry baby be
love and depend on more than I can say
(For some children)
To my son Thebe (Words like home)
Cultural worker and student of life
Whose growth
pay me, I'm chuckling, cross-faded in public
Heart racing 'til blunt is lit like, "He don't give a fuck again, right?"

"Hey Thebe, nigga, what's up
the party was going onThe guests were all chewing and applaudingIt led emergence of Thebes to the gates of the mansionEdony asked everybody to come on inThe
in Thebes
Enthroned with cat-skinned girls
Her long dark hair braided with pearls

A red gown split revealed her thighs
As full lips rose
et ses ténèbres
Porte cinq doigts autour du cou quand l'œil se pose sur mes vertèbres
Tous vos rois cheminent aveuglés vers Thèbes s'assassinent
Ah Ah 夢の中に連れてくのに やばい橋渡らず行進
La La La La 歌い声はそう君らの心にしみ込むように
手を挙げて左に右に振ってみよ to the to the、be ya'll
したいけど マジ オレ
vertèbres par vertèbres
Solidifiant les appuis
Alexandre progressant vers Thèbes
Ils en meurent de jalousie
Ils en ont pris une teinte vert dead
Sorry je ne
disciple will to scour the earth for a time and time again
Now go forth - bring hell to all lost souls like Thebes
Decimate and raze the land as you choke
in Avaris.
In Karnak, Hath I Raised the Great Hall.
In Thebes, Sublime Monuments, Grand Pylons, Obelisks
And Colossal Statues Are Inscribed With My
me now cause I'ma blow up
Women I +Kast+ 'em +Out+ like "Aquemini"
And our roley got two faces like a Gemini
T-H-E-be	-E-S-T that's me
If you better
to find calm, but we all know its at the center of the storm.
Oh moon, though pluckest me out, oh moon-
I who have sat by Thebes below the wall and walked

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