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And gettin' neutered by the vet
He got his paws caught in a net
Then he said to be or not to meeeow!
William Shakespeare's in my cat
He rarely ever talks
don't get fed up
My people rise, my people fight
My people do alright
My people walk with pride and
We're marchin' side by side and
My people laugh,
It's no sequels, B3 cases, C3P0's
Before Morpheus and Neo was killin' 'em
We was duckin' roulette's in the hood like Remo Williams

The kind of music you play scares people. Why shouldn't people be scared by you?

Vinnie scream fuck the world like Shakur
Y'all ain't never
you're being me who's being you?
I'm hot like Patra, Doggystyle on all fours
End your career like Christopher Williams did Al B. Sures
Mass hysteria,
Now on with the show 

(It's Tha Liks baby) 
(It's Tha Liks baby) 

One two, one two 
I got a tape in my ride, made by Homicide 
Ralph M
that you don't wanna fuck with
Never shy, sippin' on some why ask why
Smokin' Thai with this bitch that's more fly than Jasmin Guy
Hooked up with John

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