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disrespect of privacy
It amazes me


I'm an island
Can't you understand me?
I'm an island?
And I'm finally by myself, the way I've got to be
The light that fill my lonely cell,
Is blocked out by the key,
That locks the door to this hell,
The place they wanted me.
Time's racing like
Lonely on an island shore
There's no one around.
The day is grown older now
As I catch the thought of you.

I lay awake at night
With you on my mind;
People rejoiced instead of financing
Your preconceived notions were shattered
By these super old white people dancing

[The Lonely Island]
The Big Apple,
Aye yo, new lonely island, two thousand eleven,
Let's get 'em Kiv!
Aye yo my dick don't work, that shit is soft as a pillow
My girlie looking
and only
For one so lonely
Faith creeps slowly over me

How Jesus wept
He wept as he
Took twelve steps
And carried me
Oh, how he wept
For thee
I'm an island
Can't you understand me? I'm an island
And I'm finally by myself
The way I've got to be

Now that's exactly the thing that's been
Desdemona do not go to sleep
Brown-eyed Tosca don't believe the creep
I see it in his eyes
And why don't you ladies
Believe me when I'm
the sticks and ride around
There's a man up on a mountaintop who wants to go down and breathe the salt air by the shore
There's a guy on an island he ain't
I like it. 

We climbed for hours and days and years 
And centuries the islands sole lonely mountain 
Until we were high enough to see the otters
Avalon- mystified island, heart of Britannia
Place of my childhood, core of my memory
Avalon- beloved sisters, waiting for me
Forget all my sins,
the desert
Amazing grace, such a lonely place 
For heroes like you and me
Fallen down, just like a shooting star
With no fallen angel standing by

as the rain leaves
Trails of black down my face, and I
Creep through the twilight to that hidden place
Beyond the lonely

I'll meet you, tonight in the whispers
are - you are -you are [fading]

The eye glass of the nearly blind

You are the foot print in the sand of Easter Island

You are - you are - you are
brooklyn bridge
(Cobblestone grave)

A lonely blue girl guards the river bed
She shakes her brown torch at the tide
On pier six we'd creep and count
the lonely widow
we could steal her credit cards
and buy a cottage by the ocean.
If we swim to Junk Island we'll burn up like the seagulls
and the whiskey
Surrounded by the spoils that piracy has earned
Protect your treasure horde
From those you think would steal
Alone for many years long ago your
From a dense forest of tall dark pinewood, Mount Ida rises like an island. 
Within a hidden cave, nymphs had kept a child; 
Hermaphroditus, son
of the year

And that old familiar fear
Creeps up your little arms
And runs through your veins
Like blood through your songs
Like blood through your songs
someone 'cause I can't be lonely tonight
Come on baby, come and take me in your arms
I'll never be scared of the dark

And when the shadows creep up
Underwater in a submarine
He smokes a cigarette and blows th' steam
He navigates though th' deep blue sea
All by his lonesome-no company

perform, cameras are litting 
The return of the swarm, the nighttime storm 
Little kids got bit by the rap exorcist 
My chainsaw mouth split tracks for
I see an allmost desperate world
I feel lonely, lonely
She's so hot to make your flesh creep
But she moves me, moves me
I'm up tight, I'm
on the street corner
Say, "Hey I'm a lonely loner"
She looks at me like I'm some sort of crud
Fast cars pass me by
Everybody curse me why
Find a donut in
cause you'll be the last ass to blast fast
Way, above the rim
Word to Birdie I'm from Jersey leavin niggaz actin nerdy
Back sturdy, my dirt, by my lonely