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depending on a nigga gets a nine in my back
(Brotha Lynch Hung)
hey I got my own back fade

yeah you know what I'm saying
I'm the so called Devil that
[Intro: Brotha Lynch Hung]
Fuck these hoes, it's the re-do, you know how we do
Every Single Bitch y'all
From the Psycho Active album, by my nigga X
Brotha lynch hung: Are you fuckin serious, well a fuck it 
I'mma do this then , fuck it  shoots himself
Lynch, Lynch  u there alright man ah yeah
So we thank you Brotha Lynch Hung for this invitation
And we forgive you for the fan of ours you mutilated
And on behalf of all of us in ¬°MAYDAY!
fucking with the Brotha Lynch and you'll be dealing with a pistol
and for your man I got a nine in my nick so
punk nigga what you trip fo
sweating me about
to get done I'm near it, Brotha Lynch Hung you can't be serious
I'm starin' at these pills, in the back of the Cadillac, and matta' fact
I got it I grip
find your ass dead in a graveyard
And I'ma continue on my ?

[Brotha Lynch Hung]
Well if you see me chewin baby guts locc, would ya choke
or vomit
visualize, two young killas on the rise
Ain't that a bitch, snoop dogg and brotha lynch

And we remain bombed out (what), no doubt
Eat niggas up with
In my trunk I got the blow you up and it'll blow you up
And the count goes

[Brotha Lynch Hung sends out shout outs til the end]
you'll find your ass dead in a graveyard
And I'ma continue on my ?

[Brotha Lynch]
Well if you see me chewin baby guts locc, would ya choke?
the street 
When I got the milli pictured in my head 
Ain't no stoppin 'cause the devil said I'm halfway dead 
What can I say got them evil thoughts fillin'
sisqo, or 'cause I'm insane
Brotha Lynch's been through the same thing though
But X-raided can be tripping over no hoe

So I got my 9 I was stressing
Village Killa
(Brotha Lynch Hung)
Yeah yeah I know I know
Know what I'm sayin
Motha fuccin ain't goin to stop bangin now
y'all think
wanna fuck with us, you must've had no common sense
I'll kill you then your guts get eaten up by Brotha Lynch
It's Strange Music so the competition
and rub your leg
I let my hand slide between your miniskirt
Slip a finger in your panties, straight go to work
What time is it? Don't watch the clock
Listen kid yo, you was born to be a pawn but I'm a bishop
Back to the novel, you Son, it's logical
How you figure God, what, flow on the track,
dropped the gavel
They took me to a tree, hung me naked by my wrists
When I beg and I plead I can't take it like this
They shoved a pole in my mouth
"What's up, Saint? Man, I'm stoned alone
By the way I got the freaks on point
Call up the krew, hook it up. Lata." 
I hung up with X and gave
the dank
Man, you stupid motherfucker

Hey kid man, bring me the lighter man, fuck that
Fuck what he talkin' about, I fresh to hit the dank
Shit, man

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