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still a nigga
To use your platinum card you need four ID's -- then you's a nigga
If your skin is brown just like me -- then you a nigga
Got a promotion
an order of that to go then

Inner City Posse's got the Dogbeats
ICP we got the Dogbeats

No you don't stop with the funk from the old days
Start on your
that's what they askin me
Hit skins, causin catastrophes
Get pinned, by me and my family
Sip gin, fulfillin yo' fantasies
In yo condition I'm wishin
daddy's out of town so uhh, you can fuck around
It's okay to check in that Motel 6
$59.95, not a cent more for that dirty-ass hoe
Yeah, stop by that
your platinum for ID's, then you's a nigga
If your skin is brown just like me, then you a nigga
Got a promotion and a FAT ass raise, you still a nigga
You slow gassing I’ll leave you brain on your Durango
First classmen, old school with the Kangol
Thug passion, that pussy juice like a mango

But all I want baby is your grits for breakfast 
Eggs, bacon, home cooked fries
And gimme a plate of that pussy on the side 
Triple x
Like I said, sometimes we bite,
Even though you don't think it's right,
Yo, I like to bite,
Just havin' fun y'all, and if you think that it's wrong,
of weed, a brew, and the track that we're doing
For you and yours, full of glitter style
Showin all my skills like a stripper, baby, hit me with some shit
Come and get this ice-cream cone
Or I'll deliver it when your daddy ain't home
Grown and healthy, that's how I like 'em
Big juicy legs
beg and drink out your shoes and get they nose brown
Just the kinda man you wanted, ain't it, honey?
A big buff dumb-ass fool with hella money
When I tell you "beat it up" stop me
Want you try to pull that thang' out
Baby can we shang' out?
Told me to bang 
Told me to bang
Told me
just got problems
And complications that get you first
Yo, it's getting worse, when children hide the fact that they pregnant
Cuz they scared of giving
Well, I let you know this is a brand new year
So never fear, the Big Daddy is here
To do things in places your husband wouldn't
And do certain things
the ill vibe sisters
Slave to the dick, yo I feel my sisters
Nuttin like a daddy with a phattie in the front
Puttin shorties on they ass like a Sugar
since I started rappin' I've been Ebony Chief
And if I took the Pepsi Challenge, I'd choose Dr. Brown
Yo Wise, let me hear that Stet Troop sound

gone away

[ male voice ]
Yo, that sounds beautiful
That's another ?rapid shipment?
[Big Daddy Kane] 

The question at hand, is how do I love thee? 

I count the ways but girls don't shove me 

One by one you can come and caress me
a nigga

No matter how much your ass get paid, you still a nigga
Shot by the cops at a traffic stop 'cause you a nigga
That's why I hold toast too, I sell
T-are-you ya heard me 
Your daddy dollars y'all huh 
See-murda, Trick Daddy, No Limit, Slip 'N Slide 
Whatever, uh huh, watch em

She was a brown skin ebony honey that love hip-hop
Cut off tank-top, she make your whole face drop
Hotbox, like it or not, she don't care
This is Dres
The Suga Dick Daddy Mistah Lawnge and myself make up
This crew called Black Sheep
Now uh, I knows a lot of hoes
And being that I
and have his son now, he might be the one now, 
I count it funny myself, 
I'll let my daddy Chuck Brown give you the run down.
I was driving in my car one

Just like bums, we used to stay
In the slums of LA, by the way
Gang-bangers killin' each other for reps
Sellin' rock cocaine on my
your fate and I pray you don't end up in a lake
Do whatever it take, so many mistakes we made
But we gon' all get it right once we down by