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name of Richard Dobson who had a novel he'd never finish
That's when Johnny Rodrigues, David Olney and Steve Earle first came through
And every other
I'm gonna tell you a story 
That you've probably heard 
And at the risk of being redundant 
I'm gonna tell you something 
That may not thrill you

Someday I'm going to write The story of my life I'll tell about the night we met And how my
Yeah, you light up my life

We made our connection
A full on chemical reaction
Brought by dark divine intervention
Yeah, you are a shining
David I said as I lay on my bed 
Another years gone bye 
Your starting your parole 
In the morning they said 
Please tell her I'm alright
Yeah you light up my life

We made a connection
A full on chemical reaction
But by dark divine intervention
Yeah you are a shining light
We can do it if we try
Let war and hate just pass us by
We can do it if we try
Right now! Ah ha ha

My generation
God help the children
My generation
to you, I...

David: Can fly like a bird in the sky
Eddie: Hey, I can buy anything
That money can buy
Temptations: Oh, I...
Melvin: I can turn a river
By David Allan Coe



my smell, well
Give me a week or two to recapture my cool
I've got stories to tell
About how I snatched the devil's catch
And out ran the hounds
Sitting pretty on a Saturday afternoon
There were clouds in my mind there were birds in my heart
All of the pictures that hung in my room
And all
can't show it 
I think that you'll know it
A story that's told from my heart 
The story of a broken heart
can't show it 
I think that you'll know it
A story that's told from my heart 
The story of a broken heart
can't show it 
I think that you'll know it
A story that's told from my heart 
The story of a broken heart
the story
That is breaking my heart

An open fire, our favorite chair
I get a book from the shelf
But the words I am reading
Could apply to myself
of fire

Oh tell us we're going home, tell us that heavenly story and oh
Tell of that homecoming glory it's my favorite story by far
'Cause it tells us
themselves 2x

A lot of people trust in the pope of Rome
The only hope for my people is King David's throne
The only throne on earth that represents the truth
Throw his clothes to the wind
To dance a jig, in my skin
And be re-made by your cleansing again

I give You myself
It's all that I have
a story, then I'll go to bed

Oh, worry, worry, weary ends my day
Time to go home without my raise in pay
Home by the fire where a man can just relax
David Hinds

Blessed Is The Man That Walketh Not
In The Council Of The Ungodly

His mercy endureth forever
To turn my back on JAH
I will never never
to understand
Like David long ago
That humble service in Your house
Is still the greatest dream a heart can hold

Oh, let me be a servant, a keeper of the door

(Mack David/Joan Whitney/Alex Kramer)

Some say that love is sweet as a rose,
Some say it?s honey and the bee,
Well sit right down
Story of a quarryman

Left my home with the shirt on my back
Built my empire on a dry haystack
To break it down a one by one
And back in Cali
In world news today officials agree that rapper Brad Jordan alias Scarface must be stopped 
After being monitored by secret service agents for two
a champion
Have you heard the story about Joshua?
He was young, strong, and courageous
Not by power nor was it by might my friend
"But by my Spirit,"

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