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to talk to curse the silent sky
Like diamonds in the ground
We are waiting to be found
In silence we are bound
By the wailing wall of sound
leave to the sound of a marching drum and the beat of a lovers heart
She was by the shore in the evening when next I saw my dear
Running barefoot by
Let me hear, it loud and clear
A sound of steel that pierce my ears
This is my Achilles heal
I want an overdose of steel

A lasting first
Written by Billy Cox
(As recorded by Webb Pierce w/ The Wilburn Brothers)

There's a ramshackle shack
In old Caroline
It's callin' me back
of life is waiting there for me

That sounds like home to me
Like where I want to be
There'll be no tears, to fill our eyes again
The hills will echo
starts to

The sound of the rain rocks
His tricky and crazy experiments
Alone surrounded by lifeless bodies

Making use of his secret
send those angels to watch over me?

I can't catch the bow
That this planet has thrown
I can't catch this bow
On my own
In come the arrows
Like a needle
The quickening is an ephemeral thing 
That only happens in the dark 
Like catching lightning in a jar 
And the pain that it brings 
I can’t hide behinds words
Are you just being cruel to be cruel?
Blue was a color I thought I knew
But every kiss hits like a bullet
It pierces
I think I'll go on back to Shenandoah
She said that she'd meet me by the fork in the road
I jump start my one-eyed Ford
I'm heading for
A lethal bolt pierces the air
Like a falling star
Young eyes are observing in the darkness
His stare's reflecting fright
And scared he's
Golden Feather
Robbie Robertson
I think I'm going back to Shenandoah
she said that she'd meet me by the fork in the road
I jump start my old Ford
and bring fatal winds that birth harm
Create alarm by dawn they're releasing the bomb
And we?re unaware, numb, entranced like shakes charmed
Fatal bond
Although my lover lives
In a place that I can't live
I kinda find I like a life
This lonely
It rips and pierces me
In places I can't see
I love
the grave


O come, O Dayspring, come and cheer
Our spirits by thine advent here
And drive away the shaves of night
And pierce the clouds
wild that you can't compare.
Bangin' on my wood drum now
Hope your hearin' all the sound. Now, nigga, come now.
Sittin' at home, a hat in my hand
Smokin' on that head band call that s*** that Paul Pierce
I'm just so ahead of my time like dog years
Ball like Solange, India Arie, Britney Spears
band call that shit that Paul Pierce
I'm just so ahead of my time like dog years
Ball like Solange, India Arie, Britney Spears

Yeah, I call it how I see
had to follow that sound
I'm dead on my feat
No pattern in my wonderings
I wish I'd remembered to pack heat
It's a long walk home from here

Coming up close
Everything sounds like welcome home
Come home, and oh, by the way

Don't you know that I could make
A dream that's barely half-awake
of spirit
Wakes me from my dream
Rips the veils, pierces the certainty
Of my ever effusive despair
And I meet myself for the first time
We are, and all that
and full of holes
Hollow jets in my fingers and my toes
Too tired to masturbate
No sound in the dark as I float in outer space

Touch down
sounds like

Rushing like a spirit from a wineskin bag
Settle by your sister with your heart in her hands
There's love in your words, she'll
the crosswords, turn off the phone
(Turn off the phone, turn off the phone)

And I dream I'm on vacation
'Cause I like the way that sounds
It's a perfect
Sparkling trees of silver foam cast shadows in winter home,
Swaying branches breaking sound, lonely forest trembling ground.
Masquerading leaves

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