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Yeah yeah
Fix that guitar shit
Yeah [Repeats]
Hey yo Mystikal
(Here I go wha)
Iz they getting' rowdy wit' us
Iz they wildin' wit us
Yeah yeah
chea catchin mystikal fever
Ol you'll be sayin you ain't takin no shit this time
Nigga me neither!
You could leave nigga fuck we don't need ya
featuring Mystikal 

It goes on and on 


So that's how it's goin down, my nigga? 

{Big Mike:} 

Yeah, it's happenin
featuring Mystikal 

It goes on and on 


So that's how it's goin down, my nigga? 

{Big Mike:} 

Yeah, it's happenin
the booth
I'm the ground when you think
I'm the file on the shank
I'm the pile in the bank
I'm the round off the tank

I'm that nigga Mystikal
And I'm
[Mystikal] Ugh camera rolling
Shouldn't a did that 
Me and Busta Rhymes

[Busta Rhymes] 
Busta Rhymes and Mystikal Nigga
Ha ha ha ha hahahaha
the shit


Ain't nothin' you can do to me

What this muthafucka talkin' about nigga who
down yo' way
That bitch there smell dirty dirty, that bitch filthy

It ain't gone kill you nigga

Say dog I smoke that, I
featuring Silkk the Shocker  Snoop Dogg 

[Silkk] (Mystikal) 

Man these niggas... 

They might have to learn the hard way. 

(Y'all gon'
 Keep my kids frost like they was born in east L.A.
 Told yo' buy yo' weed by the ounce, twins lets bi-dounce
 That shit they talkin' don't add
[Treach] No Limit
[Myst.] Naughty!
[Treach] Da bomb Ill
[Myst.] Mystikal!
[Treach] IllTown
[Myst.] Da Big Eazy.. (oh shit) HAH!

soldiers, gone off a Hennesy and that doja 

Runnin from the, (Who?) motherfuckin rollers 

Slangin, (What?) tapes like cola 

Nigga, hangin with
just who you fuckin' with
But I ain't that type of nigga
that's liable to shoot you over no DUMB SHIT!
If I'ma pop ya, I'ma pop ya for just cause
dick nigga Mystikal 

and they knows who got the clout all that 

on that nigga and that broad with the tanks around they necks 

we connect like
bigger than the jaws of Dizzey Gilespie 

Nigga the nigga won't let me 

That's why when I get my shit I snipe like Wesley 

You fuckin wit my right
niggas, take hoes from rap niggas
Never said shit when they seen me, get your toe tag nigga
The Compton lyricist, you niggas can't get with this
Used to tap
caine got me sick 
These niggas they talking that shit 
Don't make me load this M16 and split your fucking shit 
I caught the game from some old g's
Yo nephew, give me some of that No Limit shit
We got my nigga Fiend in the house
C-Murder in this motherfucker
Mystikal all up in this

Certified rhyme busta 

Bitch Nigga, Bitch nigga 

Same nigga, If I'm not that nigga 

but that nigga from punks, still come with the rif
that rug, don't make me bust your shit 

Nigga dust your shit, hit em with cocain and dope 

And after all of my shows I'm gettin head from hoes
featuring Mystikal  Silkk The Shocker 

Get the extra clips 

There we go 

(gangsta shit  gangsta shit  niggas like me into gangsta shit
[Featuring Master P  Mystikal  Psycho Drama  Silkk The Shocker] 

Verse 1 (Silkk) 

AHHHHHH! I kicks it off  nigga what rhyme wit no fuckin
[Mystikal talking]
The Medicine man. Oh yeah. Smoke One
Yeah. This that shit nigga that you smoke off. This the one
I know why'all flipping
Lewis, nigga I'll fold you
That's how these niggas get they shit knocked down
From fucking with Mystikal and the chick Fox Brown

If it
to move my records to 54 states 
Got more work than the mayor do (mayor do) 
it stick to niggas that talk shit 
like a baller they bitch hair blue 

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