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The prairie sun sends down its ray to warm my heart through every day
The starlight beam that guides my way is just the touch of God's hand
Your ways are higher than, anyone could understand
Your thoughts run deeper, You are God
You save but it's not because, of anything that we have
I still got a long way to go

The faith is mine
But I'm still doin' time keepin' up my God
The faith is real
Or sometimes I feel like I work too
que es de mio ~~ what is mine ~~
Lo que es de dios ~~ what is god's ~~
Lo que es del rio ~~ what is the river's ~~
Melt into a river of souls

I take my
I've lived upon
The edge of chance
For twenty years or more
And this is what my friends all mean

By del rio's song.......oh, del rio
Del rio's
Losing youth along the way

Oh if God is on my side
Oh if God is on my side
Oh if God is on my side
Who can be against me

There was a greatness I felt for
need to get by
Yeah in this wasteland where I'm livin'
There is a crack in the door filled with light
And it's all that I need to shine

Oh if God
to love
And it paid me back in change
God help me am I the only one
Who's ever felt this way?

A heart that's worn and weathered
Would know better than
By God
You bring out the best in me
Which is nothing less than Your holiness
Manifest Your power in me
And I'll be a vessel of Your glory

all mine
Couldn't take it any more

By the grace of God (there was no other way)
I picked myself back up (I knew I had to stay)
I put one foot in
So much holy, so divine
Yours and so much mine
By the morning light is Thine
Perfect by design

Mighty to man, light of the earth
Sending His Son
Friends of mine don't have the time
For food or wine
Just money is on their minds

Life is sweet
On a one-way street
They're indiscreet
tell me is he in today
Show me to the man with the healing hands
And tell him to come and take me by my hand
Don't you know I need, I need the Doctor,
I loved her the first time I saw her
I know that's an old songwriting cliche
Loved you the first time I saw you
Can't describe it any other way
all mine
Couldn't take it any more

By the grace of God (there was no other way)
I picked myself back up (I knew I had to stay)
I put one foot in
and time
I'm singing out words
But the voice that I hear
It seems barely mine
If it's love put the song in my heart
Is it God by another name
Who's to say
Your plan, that's just the way it is

You are not a God, created by human hands
You are not a God, dependent on any mortal man
You are not a God, in
Why, I've heard people say
Why is this tree bent
Why they don't have God enough to know
That's' the way that it was meant
Why is this little baby
And to my soul I've lead my peers, salvation is their only hope.
To save them from their evil ways, their sinning lives, their evil paths,
But you must
Is the rock she won't walk away from,
Knocking out a song on her spine.
But I think God's been watching.
He's going to roll away this stone of mine
jesus christ, stephen kept his eyes
For the preaching of the gospel 
He would surely die but god said

Hold your peace vengence is mine
(Vengence is
I am the lost god
Nothing is mine
All those before me were swallowed by time
I am the lost god
I blow a black wad

The mold is flawed
The womb
How you gonna reckon with a God like this?
When you gonna face what you can't dismiss?
Whatcha gonna say to the...soul kiss that is my God?
By great wisdom he raised up the land
Above the waters
Yes, a him alone
Do the greatest wonder

Blessed is the man that trod
In the ways of God
you up to God

I know our God will guide, protect, and keep you
Teach you faith and hold you by the heart
Though your mother's heart is broken by