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I got it started alright 
Daddy told told me you ain't gotta beat around the bush (fa sho) 
Deep inside I feel you lord (#1) I come the
Far by
came that far by faith 
Blessed me with the voice and gave me that extra push (push) 
And, dear mama (I love you, ma)
For the times I acted foolish
walked in the buildin')
Big up to the far East rulers

[Intro: Wyclef Jean (Sizzla)]
Welcome to the East! "Oh my God"
"When the East is in the house"
put it together den we jumped up in the game
Then Big Momma told me boy you gon' be a star
But I never thought I'd make it from the hood and go so far
Thank God I never made it to Earth, what a happy place
how I long to be depressed, to be a grouch, get away

Yo, Yo Here I stand in the desert
for my wife
In the name of Jesus
I want to thank you what you showed me what you told me
In the name of Jesus
I want to thank you for your love
And kill that no sir, yes sir, and thank you ma'am
'Cause the word is a luxury a black man can't afford
That's why poverty's on the rise and we still
in the womb
And she bade me 'Here through yonder portal which looked upon the heavens, and behold! a morning

She ascended slowly from far
to everyone in the world
Nore, Phife Dawg and Abstract

Yo in Iraq, all my niggas love Abstract
Yo, from Far Rock to Flushing, concussion
Every time
Here is our tree
That primitively grows
And when you go to bed
Scarecrows from the Far East
Come to eat
Its tender fruits
And I've thought
Dear preacher, thanks for making time for me today
Hope you don't mind if I hide behind the curtain
It's been fifteen years since my last confession
By the type of motherfuckers who ain't scared of shit
And if you playing this album, and I'm no longer here
And sometime far away from when I recorded
love that's what a real ma do
Keep it gangsta look out for her people (For her people)
I'm the wicked bitch of the east, you better keep the peace
and thank you, ma'am"
'Cause the word is a luxury a black man can't afford
That's why poverty's on the rise and we still ignored

And it's a setback
ogs holdin the west down
And of course swizz blocks carl climax
Far east movement they got what ya minds lack
T dot montreal where I keep mass appeal

I know y'all in the mood, just go with the flow
And I can play rappin records and all disco
Like "Beat It," "Billie Jean," by Michael Jackson
By far by far, my entourage is Sugar Hill like Wesly Snipes
Def Squad is the main attraction for y'all everynight

"I came through the door" -
squad, so as far as us
I ain't got to answer the shit, so if you see me in the club
keep your mouth closed and dance with a bitch
Cause I'm bout to be
Then we breezing the law
Blowing that weed from my jaw

G's up hoe's down
East Side to by dog 
(East Side)
All the time man
Thanks for even asking
Time for me to step and make my way through the door
If by chance I see you on this road once again
I can guaranty you that I will not pretend
twenty-four seven and blastin if I have to 

I live my life I done swore to courtin trigger long 

Who would stop the movement why I journied so far
or get left fast far behind cause we highside


3X Krazy (3X Krazy), 3X Krazy (3X Krazy)
Realize, ya better recognize
Three times for ya
to forgive me for that
Thank you Brooklyn, Thank you World
Yeah, yeah there it is
Turn my voice up in the top a little bit
It feel good to be back
set your code)

Say you love who I
Lay it off, it off
Star fucker
Star fucker
Star fucker
Who, when

Time to take it too far now
Uh, Michael
of here, but I’ll talk to You again soon.
Thanks, God.