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I don't want you
(I don't want you)
Stop texting me
(You've been terminated)

Friends, we should of stayed as friends
(We should of, should of)
Was me

Built on silence
Auditorial bliss
On a savior
What means nothing to myself no more

Driving down
Bleak but seen

now I'm content being my Lord's servant like Michael Caine
Nah that's terminated
Gotta cultivate it
Ooh that's melanated
Keep it
it, U don't get it, terminated
U don't get it, U don't get it, now it's over
You don't get it, you don't get it, terminated

I feel so lonely and lost
I'll let you take from me

I'm firmly clenching my helping hand into a fist

Nothing's ever enough
Your hunger's never terminated
Took a bite from
You're living in a world of doom

Why live and die in a
Terminated world
Take your time
Waitin' for tomorrow
The chains are breaking free
So we can take this punch
And not end up terminated
Aggravated and frustrated
We need inoculated
Give us antibodies, somebody
Before we're
Bitch I swear that ima shoot for the stars
Girl fuck the others you the only one I want
Because nobody else is built for to love
Terminated they say he
to know that we dated
So don’t you think for another second
I won’t have a better you in a minute
Your position with me is terminated
Whatever lies you got,
You gon' choke if I was you I wouldn't waste a breath, 'cause
I know you gon' choke without my hands around your neck
You get—you get terminated
Here we go again
This what I live for
This is music you can ride to
When every lane is the fast lane
Red and blue lights are terminated 

buried away in the soil you came from terminated life form meets the dead

your life slips

crumbles rot's away


here in my realm you obey

now identified as a terrorist
You are an enemy of the world nation
You are an enemy of the machine
You will be terminated
Identify yourself, human
Act !
He Will Die In This Land !
There's No Time ! We Must Act !
He Must Be Terminated !
Oh Oh Oh Yeah !

[Dream League Commander]
The Power
Choir] You Can't Run Anywhere !
[Dream League Commander] No ! You Won't Escape !
[Dream League Force Choir] Sure ! He Will Be Terminated !
Angels might start a fire
And burn all the pure
Science might find poison
And call it cure

Why creeping trust is ruling
All meaning is terminated
Friend, my friend who finally terminated pain pain pain

He was living in the dark even the last moment
He was just crying with his old cat he loves
life terminated

Hear the thunder as they march in line
Their footsteps echo miles and miles away
Still counting days trying to hold on to what is lost
Send me your location like navigators
I terminated on this beats terminator
I got some haters but need some more haters
Send me your location like
Like a boxer after fight
Like a driver off his bike
You can put your helmet down
Slow down
Like a program terminated
Like a dream that has just
All I see just is prey
Big bag, make your little baby want stay
Heard you talking shit, you get terminated
Spray away
Heard you talking shit, you get
I can't explain it
I'm running one direction and can't stop
No I can't stop
I'm terminated
Once I cross the line I'm standing on
I'm standing on

to stress my day
Them they need some help I cannot help that ain't the way
(Jieh wooo)

Niggas terminated (Bleh)
Tatted on my face (Woo)
I got bills to pay I
reaches surfacing 

The global clockwork terminated
Bringing forth unending silence
Such vastness, our doom
Succumb to the deep

Hang your

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