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Stop terminate Stop terminate
Annunaki gotta go
Me gonna generate
Me activata pleiadian agenda
Me demanda immediate surrenda

Stop terminate
Rebellion is close at hand

Who are you to say what's right
Spit in your face, we will uprise

Violate, dominate, feel the force to terminate

Who are
Come unto me and you will feel perfection
Come unto me and dedicate
Come unto me, you'll never feel rejection
Come unto me and terminate

There's nothing you can do 

Cyborg lust 
Program - to terminate 
Cyborg lust 
Come to seal your fate 

Man's technology caused this bloody
I cast you out
Return to darkness
Over thedge death awaits
Possessed to slaughter
I cast you out
Terminate this abomination
Without resurrection
Faster, never terminate it

Spread it all around to enhance your pleasure
It only takes a few drops and it never stops
Pure original formula,
Eradication Extirpate
Abolition terminate
Extermination life will cease
Annihilation life Deceased
I Abominate the Human Race
I loathe All living
and terminate
We have read your mind
You are an enemy of the state
Nowhere to run
Nowhere to hide
Run from the gun
Flee for your life
Assassin: "John Doe"
"I have
of sulfur
I can see Satanas
The cursed of death
Terminate masses and reigns
With blood axes of hate
The beasts of son of devil
Tormenting the preachers
Today is the day 
My big release day
Terminate on sight
Fuck with me let's go

what the fuck they wanna do now (do now)
Do now (do now) do now
Rivals break and then destroy
Kings of time with deadly force
Terminate the evil screams
Desinate the rival's fear

Weapons of Mass Destruction
'em off, brother
Oh yeah!
Terminate the mother now
You know you gotta get hard

The world needs guts
The world needs power
Show me some blood
condition critical
condition grave
target invincible
target insane
built to terminate
built to kill
to crush its' victims
destroy at will
the tong apart and

Terminate it
Suffocate it
Spitting in your face
Exterminate it
Take it all in hand
There's no submission
No submission

Super concentrated
Never terminate it

Spread it all around
To enhance your pleasure
It only takes a few drops
And it never stops
Carved in hate, carved in hate
War is insane
Everywhere, everywhere
Blood and disgrace
Look around, look around
Apocalypse now
Heed the words that terminate damnation
Terminate damnation

Escape from torment is discovered
Through blood from veins ripped apart
By warriors
We were made to love you
But our only hope to save you, is to terminate you.
Humanity is now a threat to itself and extermination is the only way.
Stronger race, kill the weak
Terminate,vital urge
I will gain your defeat

Raping others.
Terminate will.
Forced extinction.
Capitalize the kill.

Blind eyes never see.
Forever unjust compromise.
enlight you
Free you from the blind
Will terminate the pain
I will enlight your
Sick and wicked brains
I am your Protector
This is my
wandering for days.
I may be chasing ghost trains hoping they'll arrive
Where we used to play.
I may be hopping ghost trains for they terminate
Where we
Illuminate a realized potential
Terminate idealized hype that keeps us down
Down are the hearts
Down are the minds
Down is the state of the state we are in now
many years 
Of lonesome hell
Back to a place 
Where we all terminate

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