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the urge to stir the stack developing
The full approach from forward to the backened, it's deadening
The way I think in logic terms
Instantiate the Universe
confident until
I made 'em run you know it's Logic
In your vicinity murder evil entities
Better known as your enemies you feel it now
Spark the L and you be
you, the time, the logic, or the reasons we don't understand.

Sad courage claimed the victims standing still for all to see,
As armoured movers took
you, the time, the logic, or the reasons we don't understand.

Sad courage claimed the victims standing still for all to see,
As armoured movers took
what the term profit margin means
Or until my coffin creaks
To the last breath I breathe, I'll be stacking cheese
Or until hell freezes or we see Jesus
shit you can't understand with logic
Took a risk for the chips I beat the odds
Guard my energy can't be 'round you if you're toxic
Got my mind right, had
Memories, feelings
Logic, thinking
These things so natural
Yet tearing at my being
Clouded vision
Heart strings shrinking
Things meant to help me
[Verse 1: Louis Logic]
Yo, I'm best described as the father of sex and lies
I specialize in undressing wives, but I recognize
When it's time to pull
I'm a visionary, that's long term
But def jam, said they need it out
If I rush this shit, I might be without
But I need a vision, can't see without
owe me cake
With a black mask, that's how we exfoliate
So pardon my way, my heart's in the way
I follow my thoughts, ain't no logic in Ye
Baby it's just you and I, I, I

To have the time of your life
You must abandon all logic and inhibitions
Hence the term, "Let's go crazy"
To a peace economy let's examine disarmament
In terms of man's political
Social and philosophical conditioning let's
Say that somehow the
UN is able to achieve
See some got it confused it is bout the view
Short term or long I make my own rules
Never settle for less I'm always willing to choose
need practice
I tell them to wait, go and comeback quick, they don't understand me
It's not logic, I'm not logic, I got problems
I worship the late
“Use logic, apply laws”
How do I do that - an abstract picross?
I can rhyme bars, but the bigger picture is eluding my spyglass
“Take my cross”
a woman, nor a bat
Then what type of logic is that?
If it's now been declared a diabolical act
To plainly state what is a biological fact - what then?
laugh ill exterminate this bitch
Then ill find my exs term and ate a plate off like grinch
Didnt make it to full term get it like a pinch
Me and hiphop is
shit for years and there ain’t no more time to waste/

Opened my eyes uncovered my mouth/
I see all the lies I’m calling em out/
In terms of the ties I’m
Excuse me
Can you tell me girl
Why you looking so fine
You should be mine
'Cause it's you bad like Tems
Tell me your terms Amma satisfy you 
So baby
This villainous vibe lOGIC, we gotta get it
Peace to The Tribe Called Quest
Uh, take one to the chest, gotta wear a vest
Nevertheless might cop
to spread my wings an fly, you're a fool.
Talkin' like you're mighty and you're high, 
But I know you're small, there's no logic in your gossip, 
Her truth come out when she drunk, but I amnesty that
I talk logic and she screamin' profanity back
Now when I think long term, you can't hand me that
feelin' like I let you inside, while I'm guarded
It's genius when arrogance seems like it's modest
Look past the insanity, glance at the logic
'Cause false moves get your whole face smothered like soul food
Right by the waist I got the Pro Tool, it's simply logic
Produce this hard dick in

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