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(in the pouring rain, baby)
Tentatively kissed goodnight (tentatively kissed goodnight)
And went our separate ways (ways)
And I've never truly felt
(in the pouring rain, baby)
Tentatively kissed goodnight (tentatively kissed goodnight)
And went our separate ways (ways)
And I've never truly felt
as we please

I tend to be, tentatively, terribly clingy
Don't worry when we meet more than we usually
You'll need to be with me frequently
You'll need me
from me
I'm made for trails tentatively
They hating on my mental me
So i expect attempts on me
Cause I own what they rent for fees
And I know what is
Picking up words like shells and 
Holding them to my ears 
And tentatively to my breath 
I'm feeling 
Truly loved 

Is there too much space 
One, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine
Tentatively you put up the signs
Letting me know you are mine

And I'm counting on you
To be
on my dancing
This is the best I can do
I'm tentatively shaking
You don't have to look
Can't say I'm sorry
I can't say I'm ashamed
Can't think
tentatively tend to turn and go when I am finished
Stone cold, hardly fucking with these niggas, nigga listen
The description doesn't fit, if not a synonym
June seems too late 
Maybe for the better
Imagine us together
We're relatively stable and tentatively able 
To say for certain whether
These days being alone
Doesn't seem so uncomfortable
Everyone's alone
Even around those we've found
It's temporary
Everyone's alone now, tentatively
I dont meaan to bring offense
Hence I reprezent the troof
Timez like theez dey get too tense
I juss tentatively refuze
Fuck yuh thinkin, itz
I'm something different than you used to
I'm the new face of the new school
Look how I'm put together perfect with so many loose screws
I tentatively
ninjas need proof (Need proof)
(Need proof, that real)
Tell me what you need, Know yo enemy
Show you yo day comin' tentatively, yuh (Watch out Watch out
think that there be ten of me (Ten)
Tentatively what I see (Huh?)
Famous Dex, wit' no rolex, livin' to check-to-check (Don't do that)
Ain't no changin'
swallowed in
The toxic shallow end where I was hiding in
He was down here before, now he’s out of it
Tentatively moving on from this
For betterment or worse,
what I'm packing
When I travel to the land down under sorry to the sensitive
I tentatively offer that as penance but its pennies to me
When I make
They don’t measure to my shoes they can’t even see
Ten of me tentatively shrouded in the mystery
The breath of the 侍
One that shakes the core of your
or how in a video game we will steal cars and money
That this conversation is skin deep
Surface tension
Tentatively stressed across
Nets worked upon
as feathers on a bed of pins
Tempt me
I'll tentatively step within your temple if you let me
Welcome in the spectacle you're beckoning
Keep your
the shit that I slang
Pull up in a tank, I catch you, then I bang
Tentatively asking for my chain, you was D.O.A.
Remembering you, maybe D.O.S.
You that's
Relative or tentatively speaking
It’s my exes I hating on
When they be reaching
Out to me on my cellphone
Like last week and
Seen her sent a text
Tentatively lending love
For dat shit I been the plug
Heartbreaks and heartaches I can't take this shit enough
I don't wanna pop a pill but if I do
My feelings
to save her, but I was too weak
Now I'm living on my own 
Living off of the things that you wrote 

I tentatively listened as I didn't like what I heard
of tempered energy bending knees
Meant to tentatively sentence ineptitude to a remedy
Of empathy to everything, like entering a reverie
Remembering abstention

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