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I feel tensed up whenever you dance
O so pe calm down that I should relax

O fi ki idi e jo ko shey Ghana bounce
Ghana bounce, Ghana bounce
isn't always fair

Pre chorus:
Not because of, but in spite of
Not with ease, oh, but with fight
No support, all against
Never calm, always tensed
an instant hit
I'm tensed a bit, and tempted
When I see the sins my friends commit; I'm Infinite

You heard of Hell, well, I was sent from it
I went
a cameo
On my last jam, plus the man who never had a plan B
Be all you can be, 'cause once you make an instant hit
I'm tensed a bit, and tempted
When I
A little tensed up getting hot
Cause she looks like my girl who just smoked at the crack spot
I'm trying to find ways to cope
But I ain't fucking round wit
in the city lookin' at the ho wit the big titties
Lookin' at me and I feel shitty 
A little tensed up gettin' hot
Cause she looks like my girl who
On the loose in the city looking at the ho with the titties
Looking at me and I feel shitty
A lil' tensed up getting hot
'Cause she looks like
of death
What a life for a swivelhead

Rotating head, look on the bright side
Coiled up and tensed, remain on the lookout
A mind like a gin-trap, one swollen
Muzik of blood
Black reared
Pain rooted
Heart geared

All tensed up
In the bubble and the bounce
An the leap an the weight-drop

It is
a yell, I said, now what you want traitor
C.O. puts me in the bin, I see ya about a month later
Back in population, didn't matter that his friends tensed
the whole place down
When I take a couple of these
I don't want you around

All tensed up, did too many pills
Wanna get near you but I can't stand still
a terrified forms
that keep you warm
You're tensed up
Niggas get wrenched up
on a rock
Mix a whiplash,
bodies are gettin' smashed
So let the volcano blow
tensed from this strain of stress
Wanderin 'your town, with intense of pain, and yes
I like to do things until my mood swings
I'm like fuck that, y'all
nerves tensed, hardened my skin becomes
But I give my horse its head, I'll overcome
Come, meet, under my lizard skin

I research the way to cleave through
toward a point
And then I will avoid every poignant
Little noise, every pointed little voice
I'm not making any sense and I'm
All tensed up holding onto
I've heard your voice before
Your silhouette follows me to sleep
But if I ever felt a pull
I never thought it'd swallow me

I never saw you tensed
I was stronger than ever by giving constant endavors
Then I was truly enabled to go and serve for the nation 
Man I was nervous and tensed but then
If you feel nothing when you hold me in your arms  
I wouldn't ask for you to lie  
You're a tensed-up ball of need and as much as I'd like  
I can't
I cleave the water made of meat and wishes,
tensed to the line
the family that I dreamt of,
home, friends, reality,
crying on the shore
I’m hungry
Tensed under the grass & soil

of man.
Hatred silently brewing, awaiting it's final stand.
Our rule, our... RULE!
The advantage is ours,
gathering the powers of the past.
It's another heroes' sunset
I'm riding on the Great North Road
Coiled and tensed in wonder
As the land turns burning gold 
Out in the sun, out in
Tensed forth to aggress,

Deal a strike with precision crass.
Worlds collide, the weak step aside.
Our callings heard, no mercy will come.
The path is
Held a sodden breath
Every muscle tensed
Shower running cold
Over aching shoulders
'Til the dread lets up
And you buckle forward

Then you're

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