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Tendril and Blade
Sweet Sasha turned 14 and the gift she would receive
Would cause a lifetime of self-loathing and rage.

Forget the boys and their
"Tendrils," he said
I put out long tendrils 
To see if someone latches on 

And if they do 
"You feed it," he said 
And gestured as if 
Pumping fuel
Time stands as still as a rainy day
Life lingers long like a child
Tapping near impassive at the tendrils there
Bowing to the moisture in the air
a God and so are You

Syllables in the father's words 
We're all tendrils from mother earth 
Nobody knows how
don't know)
She's wrapping her tendrils tightly around you
And you might think you're her rose 
But she is killing you
Oh you don't know what you've
See a sea anemone
And that'll be the end of me

While the vicious fish was caught unawares in the tenderest of tendrils
Underneath her tender gills
to fight
People once familiar no longer see me here
Faces all forgotten
Like tendrils of yesteryear
Gold broke on my window, yesterday
But did not stay
Do I
how I feel
Now be free, my tendrils won't hold you back
My beloved Escapee

A day like yesterday
Still wondering what could have been
All the good
stifling my every thought
Why's your hand around my neck when you don't want what I got
Fuck your tendrils of evil you thought it was funny
Jokes on you I
Within the tyrannical night
His only ray of hope
His sole shard of light
Keeping him sane in the pale moonlight
Tendrils of smoke
From the paper roll
of and your smug advertisements
of your tendril ocean bed achievements does not 
justify your abuse of privacy piracy act 

I hear you Telephone Thing
Would that the mists envelop me
Tendrils writhing upon my skin
And raise me, on this sombre night
This sombre night of October decline

Would that
Boneless, bloodless, reticulation
Beings of plasma, a search in endless swarms
Drifters source of light for the damned
Trapped by a sophisticated tendril
Don't pretend you can't

I can hear your tendrils still digging
For everything that's walked this earth once living
Then to be exhumed
of tendrils
Underneath her tender gills

I will become this animal
Perfectly adapted to the music halls
I will become this animal
Anomalous appendages
How they longed for reassurance
As the little boxed-in bushes
Pay the price of perseverance
A wasted day had come and gone
He searched his wrist for
Run my fingers 'cross the bark
Every tendril a reflection of the best of who you are
Every root a rumor
They say trees never travel 
Yet check our
the tendrils of this unending dream
Madness descends
Frenzy riddles my mind, delusional we will die
Screaming never to cease
I must sever the tendrils of this
a reflection
Of the one who meets their gaze

The heart of sentience spreads its wings
Undulating, radiating through us all
The tendrils of the hive mind
Washing up on the shores of that New New River
Mud flowing through the gullies pouring in my eyes
Spindling tendrils grasping for my brains

Imma get
shifts in the dark
A being that has existed always

A tendril reaches, snatches
Flays, consumes
A hunger without bounds
A terror to behold

Another spark
Tacky tendrils drip down my spine
Lifting up to stay in time
Won't take tomorrow today
Baby's breath is where I lay
Wondering wandering wondering
bloodied lusting mouth

Cursing writhing riding winged elation

In silence it plied a thought
Its tendril's winding crawl
What i thought the end
It thought
graveyard fireworks from the roof?
Who calls the tendril from inside the burner?
Who got the spiders to start pulling their weight?
Who shuts their window in

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