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know the house of cards will tumble
Temporary by design
And all the schemes of man will crumble
Are we wasting precious time?
Are we wasting precious
know the house of cards will tumble
Temporary by design
And all the schemes of man will crumble
Are we wasting precious time
Are we wasting precious time
If you want it to be, you've got to stand here by me
But if you wanted to leave, go on and make yourself free
If you want me to plead, you see me
days I can't live without
The way you always try to bring me down.

I feel so temporary
Throw me away for an ordinary life.
You know you've done it
But that's the way it has to be

It's in my heart
I felt your world has come to rest
As if you're out on your last breath
And slowly
Written by christine mcvie and eddy quintela.

Where are you darlin', when my
Moon is risin', and your
Sun is shinin' down

What are you doin',
is only temporary 
These light afflictions work a great eternal glory 

We walk by faith, not by sight 
Strengthened by His glorious
It's a temporary undo but it's a start 

It's a start 

Late at night I write my own movies 
And I am the star, when I close my eyes 
The sorrow's only temporary
Overshadowed by the joy
When our reunion is complete
Never to part again
I want to see you there
I'm going to see
every story has an ending,
So stop acting like there won't be one!

(These bones are only, only temporary.
(Let go of all you know.)
You're on your
to the finer things, you're protected by the law.

Cause it's a temporary phase.
It's just a temporary phase.

And it's running round and round and round
(Words and Music by Joan Baez)

The ship that sails the seven seas
Has finally brought me to my knees
It's not much to my liking
The people standing
won't listen to the sound of advice
Pray for me darling all through the night
Temporary madness, emotional overload
It only takes a dime to fall,
unraveling of
(slow unraveling of)

But you tell me it's temporary
(tell me it's temporary)
It's a matter of time
(it's a matter
I'm through with illusions just delusions for now
I've took a step to the edge but
I've been walking for miles
It was a very temporary waste
While I soar through the unexplored,
Toured where the sun goes warm,
Paramore, I perform through a storm,
My radioactive uniform leaves you
to move through 
temporary disorder 

factory born and level minded pardon 
them for the inability ...pass us by 
prevent the downfall ...the
we learn to live without
Is when we learn to live

So do or die, laugh or cry
This is just a temporary storm that's blowing by
Sink or swim, lose
protected well by the writing in letters now. We'll never mind the faulty equipment with which we must deal. 
And the state hands will respond (if only
promise her last night

I guess by now she's waking up
And packing up her things and heading home
With memories of a temporary love
She wishes never came
to live or die by
Once I learn to let him go, the healing has to start
It's temporary pain, I'll live to love again
So what's a broken heart

I just
One to another
Do you remember me
I feel so small
Are you listening tonight

So temporary
Things that I have seen
I ran so far
Will you take
are strangers who are simply passing by
In light of all eternity
It's only temporary

This place was never meant to be my home
Not comfortable in
Your vision of a new life was impure
Gave into temptation and threw away what you believed
Your immaculate state of mind was only temporary
Married by signs

Personal holloway
Six month linen
It's safe to say we are alone
Suburban suicide
Watching night come amber
It's all so temporary