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Words and music by Kaye - Weisman - Fuller

"The Bad Seeds performed Cindy regularly in their live sets in 1990,and indeed on a TV appearance
ever bite a lyric cause then you're pissing me off 
And with the style that I'm bringing 
The girls love it, and of course, girls I'm swinging
don't know
And get on the mic if you wanna try me
Kill em with a 1990

party people get funky funky
Said the hip hop don't stop
It's supernat on the track
me died
Like the (?) to the John, the Crosby to the Bing
the Dave is to the Benny and the Big Man is ready
to take a stand for all big man-kind
And I'm
for 1990 
Of course  eighty nine is behind me 
Check it out 

It's called breath control  breath control  breath control stylee 
Breath control
Yeah, it's time to do it like a G.O. once again
You know in 1989 we knocked on the door
In 1990 we beat on the door
Now it's 1991 and we fiend
Praise The Lord
By Poi Dog Pondering
Wishing Like A Mountain and Thinking Like the Sea
Columbia CK 45403 1990
"Praise the Lord," he said to me
sayin' that I wanted a date, she wouldn't even be my friend
But now in the 1990's, I'd be praying that the bitch don't find me
'Cause she's got a gang o'
Hey, I don't know. Reality, it's important to me, man
So fellas man, tell these niggas what it's like in the minds of real niggas'

Prisoner like
sayin' that I wanted a date, she wouldn't even be my friend
But now in the 1990's, I'd be praying that the bitch don't find me
'Cause she's got a gang o'
the underground but niggas want to front
It's the 1990's Havikk sent to poppin trunks 
hit the damned parks all the niggas gettin loc
smokin that endo brawlin
So I thought I'd dabble you with a style that ain't 
And bring out somethin different
It's not the style that you're used to
So lend me your ear 
Ready for hell, ready for war
Yeah, it's nice to be loved but I like being hated more
All the sudden magazines give me good reviews
It used to be my
and drugs, you know they don't mix
Especially when a bitch turns tricks for a fix
So be careful, 'cause that shit's out there
It's a 4-letter word that you

You know - a starship circlin in the sky - it ought to be ready by 1990
They'll be buildin it up in the air even since 1980
People with a clever
1990 and you can find me as I dunk 
Lockin up girls like I want 
Yes I got a harem, but I don't share em 
I collect em like Playdium and mmm, you
Definitely the oldest song on the album, it was originally recorded on our first album (1990), In Love With The Greenery, when we played under
counting blood money
That I rob from your man in the land of milk and honey
You can't do me none son when I smoke my Meth
I feel no pain, no death, so
Yeah, I'm manufacturin the sickest metaphor
Lyrics you're not ready for
Hear it, I keep a steady score
Of suckers and muthafuckas who like to suffer
Motivated, as I relate it verbal
Dissing a mouse and smacking any gerbel
I bought a Saab, a 1990 Turbo
Shining, fog lights in the front
I'm by myself, no
get fucked up with no regard
Boy, don't test me, 'cause I'm tired of teachin lessons
So muthafuck you and that bullshit that you're stressin'
"Ooh hoe, don't call me no mo',
How in the fuck can I let you know,
That I'm a motherfuckin' troop!" (Aw yeah, word 'em up!)
Now that ought a tell ya
and your whole gridlocked
Little shit, supported the beef
Fly Pierre couldn't tell me nothin' with a brand new beard
Couldn't wait, but kept survivin'
[ VERSE 1 ]
Well, it's 1990, '89 has ended
Now it's time for all those who pretended
To settle and cease with the noise
You and your boys - it's time
Well, that won't last
Don't you hear love callin'

I can see
By the way you look at me
You're so ready for love
The time is right 
It's a new moon

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