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getting scary for y'all niggaz now) what's good

There go the apple of my eye, my black butterfly
Don't try to pass me by, like you do them other guys

Oh ma how you be
Oh boo it's something bout cha I just wanna know 
And it's up to me
To give it to you till you just can't get enough
the mix (ah yeah)
3 AM now he buyin me drinks (what you drinkin on?)
4 AM exit the club (let's go)
5 AM think he gettin some butt (that's right)
6 AM
Say right by my side be'cause y'all I am Ginuwine,
And I will neva change (Ginuwine) I made be the same ol' G (made the same)
Be'cause this is is
Easy your booty

How you drop it makes me just wanna beat it up
Slow it down and speed it up up
You're body bang
See that double butt mix with whats
on your feet (You owe Nas)
I think you owe me some (You owe Ginuwine)
(You owe Timbaland, you owe me)

Lock you down baby, you know what you owe me
They want G shit, give it to 'em

If you don't know me let me tell you something, shawty
Still got that chopper, make you run for it
Camouflage, dog tags
be anywhere you wanted
But you decided to be here with me
No coincidence it was meant to be
Don't be shy gon' let ya boy get in
So you can tell all
I turn it out whenever I'm in the mix
I'm creeping with my secret and that's how I wanna keep it, peep this

If I hit this pussy you going tell
on Instagram, cake by the pound
Circulate the image every time I come around
G's up, tell me how I'm lookin' babe

Boy this all for you, just walk my way
all you gotta do
Is tell me
What you sippin' on (Sippin' on, sippin' on) (Ey)
And I promise
That I'm gonna keep
It comin' all night long

Lookin' in
and workin' it
I can tell by the way you lookin' at me, girl

I wanna make love in this club, in this club, in this club
I wanna make love in this club, in
gon' do?
Baby stick to me and I'ma stick on you
If you pick me then I'ma pick on you
D-O-double-G and I'm here to put this **** on you

I'm stuck
on stage they said I was too drunk
But it's about to be two girl, tell me if you're ready
Let's sip champenge in my jacuzzi at the telly

Step in the club
you need to stop it"
Punk bootleggers man they fuckin' off my profit
Dip up in the club and she eye ballin' me
Remind me of the breezy from
Do you wanna rock with me? (Yeah, ooh)
Do you wanna smoke my B (Ooh)
Never can't you take my G's
My (Ooh)

Ain't trippin' got to split up the front
all you gotta do is
Tell me what you sippin' on
And I promise that I'm gonna keep it comin'
All night long

Lookin' in your eyes while you on the other
all you gotta do is
Tell me what you sippin' on
And I promise that I'm gonna keep it comin'
All night long

Lookin' in your eyes while you on the other
Girl and the way you flexing that g-string
And you got me tossing this money
I got hotel keys
Wanna leave wit me
Then baby girl hop inside
Gettin' freaky in the club

That money
With the pretty kush taste like honey
By the way she's windin' it on me
My goodness girl you're so freaky, you're so
Turn the club into a mosh pit
Spend 20 bands, do a back flip
Girl, drop it low, shake that
My wrists rocky like A$AP
This a G mix and I laced that,
tell us what you wanna do"
Well I'm about to double up with you and you

Step up out the club wit a dizzy head
I got two chick that got dizzy legs
chillin with G-S-U-P, but after go down it's in D.T.P. 
That's a rock, got you pissy and you dizzy, wanna hit me 
But not really, please don't mix me, I'm
must be dreaming 

Beh-beh-beh Baby close my eyes 
Now that I got you by my side 
Hold me close 
Next to you is where I wanna be 

The way
wanna kick it with you

'cause I got my swilla
Packed to the ceilla
For what you heard, don't be scared
Tell me what's the deal-a

Go, go, go, go
Go, go,

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