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But in life we all got our own path
Don't understand that by now you won't begin to
Cop another Rolex or Porsche try and get even with me
Pulled up
to night,
There's a hot little baby by my side.
D! Is the dial your fingers dance.
Give it to me!
You! Under the spell of romance,
Can you let me get
K dot, pick up the phone, nigga.
Every time I call, its going to voice mail.
Don't tell me they got you on some weirdo rap shit, nigga.
No socks
Would you like to go with me, down my dead end street?
Would you like to come with me, to village ghetto life?

Let me tell you bout
me in the direction we chill
I'm only movin by the grace of the Lord, it's God's hill
Huh, go get that vittle money, for real
They better not fuck with
fuckin' time to play witchu! 
Now gimme the message.
Willie's in Warwick, doin' 1-3. 
Told me to tell why'all motherfuckers to keep cool. 
He be out one
fuckin' time to play with you! Now gimme the message.
Willie's in Warwick, doin' 1-3. Told me to tell y'all motherfuckers to
Keep cool. He be out one way
Caves for eyes,
With a cliff for a jaw
That would go up 'n down,
And whenever it did,
He'd puff out some dust,
And hack up a boulder
way, ig' the shit in the streets
Just let me smoke this one cig in peace

Give me 10 minutes
By myself, you the boys at home
That's all the time I really
I thought I’d just chill, take a breath
Straight up Columbus hill, make a left
And get fixed, plus the ghetto chicks got flicks
Of me stacks
, and we'll be, alright in the long run
Maybe mix son gin with my life 'cause we all gone crazy
And maybe, we'd learn to maintain
It'd help us stay sane, for
a fool
Cause I'm takin off from the tip-top of the key
with the rock passed by the Pharoahe M-O-N, see-H
the chosen lyrical soldier who backs me up
Takin' out wack MC's by the piles, for real 

Episode #2: God's Gift 

I have no strings to hold me down
Beware of the Tupperware 

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