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Getting home again getting home again 

David I said as he started to go 
Another years gone by 
Won't you write me some time 
I'll miss you ,you know
the vale
What makes you think you'll bring him low
When all our best have failed?"
David said to Jesse
"Just go tell the King for me
I can beat Goliath
Call me Efrem Zimbalist,
Get me Bobby Kennedy,
Then call Dave Ben-Gurion, too.
Then tell Carol Baker I'm home, now;
Tell her Mastroianni sends
and let me tell you
What my love is to me.

I call my sugar ?Candy?
Because I?m sweet on ?Candy?
And ?Candy? is sweet on me

the best for the trying
And if I tell the truth when I I'm lying
What else can
What else can we do

Produced by David Rosenthal
Words and Music - Jane
of everything
The cliches, the candles, the mess

Lucy and I never seen with David
Brian never talks
Help me in policks and sense in Arnold
Tell me all
beneath the sheets
Only I can satisfy my god
Only know knows why I was ever born
Only I can tell me but I won't say a word

I can't talk anymore
One of the most phenominal feats of all time
Frekaznatcha, Alabama, Mississippi, David Banner hoe

[Hook - David Banner] (Repeat 2x)
Let's take this
Writers: Leo Sayer & David Courtney
When I came home this morning 
I got your letter and what it said 
I didn`t understand 
You told me it was
Summertime in '83

The year that we made history

But didn't have the energy

To tell a soul 'cept you and you and me

Selling off Fiesta
David Hinds

Pretty lady standing there
I'm telling you that you're looking fair
Cause I've got my eyes on you
I can tell by the way you stare
through your clothes like an ion
I am no american idol, no Simon Cowell
Wack niggas throw in the towel
I'm getting money with the rap, pay me by the vowel
It Seemed So Easy
by David Smalley & Eric Carmen

Remember our love, babe
Remember the good days
The days when we both
Thought it
Pat go tell Pam and Pam tell Beverly
And Beverly, she gone tell everybody
Yes, a Beverly gone tell everybody

Well, tell 'bout 'Works To Do' by
In Bethlehem I heard a hymn some distant choir sang 
And with other tourists I walked along to a church as its bells rang 
Then I heard someone tell

Ah - but all the love
In the world was not enough
So I couldn't
I wouldn't
I daren't say no 

David - how you made me feel
Every crack in every
(David Lee Murphy)

She called me up last evenin'
She said come on by
When I got there she was leavin'
And I was right on time
She said I'm sorry
A parody of "Riding With Private Malone" (Written by Thom Shepherd and Weed Newton. Recorded by David Ball)
New lyrical adaptation by Cledus T. Judd
[Yung Wun] 
Oh Yea, All In Formation 

[hook][David Banner] 
We gon walk wit it(HEY) 
We gon talk wit it (OOOOH) 
Got me screamin out 
Yung bunch
walked along to a church as its bells rang 
Then I heard someone tell someone there's where Christ was born 
I wonder if he looked like our baby looked
and I'm so in

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
I'm so in love with you
(and I ain't going no where me and you with our guns in the air baby)
I'm in love with you
try to catch a taxi
But they just drive past

The taxi-cab driver never stop for me
They got all kind of excuses up his sleeve
(david freeland)
Published by mother tongue music - ascap

Well the first thing I remember, was the way she smiled
And the way she looked at me
I'm feeling very moses like 
You think that I could lead you? 
Or humble, more like david 
Would you help me cause I need you? 
Or I'll be
gotta tell me somethin',
Are you here in hollywood long?
I mean, I just...
No, I'm ah, we're recording here in town
You're recording here?