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Time has past you haunt me teasingly
What you have got you've got to give to me

Not going to say it now
You know all my feelings for you
Maybe sometime
Kissed your neck
And wished you one goodnight
I hoped to remain in for the rest of my days

Now these north breezes haunt me so teasingly placed
a slice
Of her lady merchandise
So teasingly, she took my hand
"Dance with me, you rubber man"

Every night is an x-rated party when you're a mannequin,
My giddy aunt!
Your body is imperial
So one in a million
When you wear those short skirts
I lose my mind (I lose my mind)
You're acting teasingly
She'd snuggle up and talk to me
Each night as I watched TV
I'd teasingly call her chatterbox
Then one night she said don't be scared
I see an angel
I’m sitting around - I’m waiting for
You - to appear for reunifying with me – with me
Can’t take my lips off you – more and more
Your teasingly scent
wear the face of the undefined
It is a phase not to be repeated
It is a phase not to be declined

You, watching me teasingly
Guilty look in your eyes
with freedom)

jareru ka no you ni warau kimi no mamazashi ni tokimeki wo oboetayo
(my heart fluttered at your gaze when you laughed teasingly)
kimi ni
on the clock so teasingly
Taking her time, man I'm starting to get to worried
Take it slow" she said but the ways she moves well I don't think I can
She's just
thoughts flowed seamlessly 
I kid her teasingly
The laughs came easily
Fragile femininity

Fireworks much to my surprise 
When we caught each others eyes
(Hazel Smith)

She'd snuggle up and talk to me
Each night as I'd watch TV
I'd teasingly call her chatter-box
Then one night she said "Don't be
She teasingly turns you on slowly 
Like a bee sting burn or what dawn does to morning
She's beautiful when she wakes up from insomniac evenings

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