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**** what?

Can't be a joke I've been through too many games
N****z laugh, but my expression wasn't hardly the same
Show me respect cause it's due, you
fuck it now 
Spanish (ten cuidao te dejo plotao)(degracio, degracio) 
What, (que que que que) what

[Chorus: x2]
Who would of thought this n
[CHORUS 2x] (Swizz Beats)
To my ladies around the world, world
To my thugs around the world, world
I do this around the world, world
You can't miss me, I
mired by sluts
I questionmark your heart, punctuate your fate
All your version predicates 
Done as well as you pronunciate
In the (west)?,we're gonna
(That's how the east side gets down, word up!)

(4:30 in the morning, Mira
You know what I mean, Mira
Let's get this money sorted and counted,
make niggaz walk slow, talk low
With white chalk-o, mi casa be siete uno ocho
Brooklyn motherfucker, handle this
Pardon my Spanish and French

Okay, I
thought you needed me
Did you believe in me?  * repeat 2X *

Got up with Horse, showed a look on my face was mad lost
I ain't know whether to cry
all witches in throw'em in ditches
if you front to this you just kit stitches
down with the rumpeltil and I love the redskinz
should I begin trancept by
across borders
Remember my name F-to the E-V-E-N
Tell ya crew, tell ya school, tell ya next to kin
In act two, this is my chance to blast thru
And my
mistakes, I compensates
By compresses in the heart. Selling fear: I sell!
Vampire you die by the missing robber blood banks.
Anti-cutter bureaucrat with
to face me
Nigga don't you miss because if you do I'm a retaliate
And before ya shut yo head and fuckin' face 
Don't get mad because yo tot your 'K' from
the bayonet
Silence is rare as an honest husband
I have two of the waitresses is majorettes

We are in Lipopette, bar Lipopette
You're in Lipopette, bar
C'est marche ou crève, assume ta peine ou ferme ta gueule
Mister Officer, ici personne n'a peur des coups de Taser
1 négro plus 2 négros, 3 négros dans