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Tasting Colors  


was cool
But now I'm fucking freezing
Never felt alone
Now staring at the ceiling, feeling
What goes around, comes around
I'm tasting my medicine,
I’ve trusted women and trusted men
Kissed em’ both and I’d kiss again
Got these memories glued in my brain
And I can’t stop tasting them
Trust was broken
Making money tasting honey
Tasting honey tasting honey
Making money eating bunny shaking funny
Tasting Honey sneaking police beating pussy
grab me said boy 
And let me smooch ya 
She told me
I want you tasting more than my kombucha 

She want me tasting more than her kombucha 
She want
I'm just pacing 
I'm just tasting 
I'm just pacing 
I'm just pacing 
I'm just tasting 
I'm just tasting 
I'm just tasting 
I'm just pacing 
(Chemicals tasting like candy, soda is purple like candy yea)
(Chemicals tasting like candy, soda is purple like candy yea)
Chemicals tasting like
what they saying
Rowing like Shi' (Shiro)
So ima be fraying
Queuing like Sky
They wanna be tasting
We on a vibe
Might have to go get this
I don't know
like wine tasting (We're literally 16)
Times like this when I feel alive
Wine tasting
Life's too easy when you never try
Wine tasting
Times like this
in a bag
No time for goodbyes, no way to look back

A proposition, a new position
Superstitious disposition
Under southern trees
Sweet tasting
mind is right and you take care of your body too
Take care of my body boo
Eating pineapples she tasting so tropical 
Tasting so tropical

When you pull
Daydreams of making it
But never faking it
So close to victory
Feel like I'm tasting it
Trying to make history
That's why I'm chasing it
Suffering through
take a glance 
In the lens 
Leaving only fast 

This high takes me
So right flyin

Throwing, tasting the mother fucking floor
I want to feel the end is
I gotta come out on top
And I don't see the reason to stop
But you call the shots

Now I'm all salty
Deep in water
Deep in water
Tasting waters
I need
Tasting the mint and tasting the whiskey
I'm Phileas Smog I'm killing the fog
With my nose and the nose of the longboard
Two glasses on the back
shouldn't over indulge in you
Shouldn't live this way, tasting sugar everyday
But you got me so addicted I can't help but misbehave
Momma caught me with my
TDB, watchu telling me
Do those pink lips only tell white lies baby
You be weyrey, you dey disguise for me
Tasting his lips, yet you call me honey
Of your young mysterious mind
I find myself trying so hard to resist

Tasting mistakes
I find my shadows to wonder
Pureness at stake
I left her
Breathing shallow
Interface with the faceless
Now more
Tasting the waste
Breathing shallow
Interface with the face
Less now more
Tasting the waste
My new bitch
My new bitch so bad she tasting like candy
Cheeks come from texas might nickname her sandy
I keep it grim like billy & mandy
Tell her
tasting those lips now
Why we trying to erase all this now?
(Tell me, will you ride with me?)
Wish I was tasting those lips now
Why we trying to erase all
it I'm greedy
Hands tracing over you
Is what I wanna do
Want you all for me
So I'll gently
Press my lips to yours
Tasting your lipgloss more
We wanting everything
Hands dirty in the pot
Issa a lot we tasting everything
We taking everything
Money, suppose, the cars, the crib, the clothes
I can't part ways with you even though I'm lane switching
Chocolate wrapped up seat ima have you tasting me
I can't part ways with you even though
all of the beats I ain't tasting defeat cause I'm stomping on hate dog 
Murdering all of these verses man is it worth it? 
Fuck it I takeoff 
Look I

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