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By: jimmy buffett, buzz cason
I have watched as the sun went down
I have crashed as the room spun around
Now she's gone, she can't be found
The fairest arms can tally up the faintest stars
Wash away my weekend
Shatter my sight
C'mon sweet amnesia
You're needed here tonight
no part
The fairest arms can tally
Up the faintest stars

Wash away my weekend
Shatter my sight
C'mon sweet amnesia
You're needed here tonight
the hills and they valleys
And they're migrants and farmers
And miners and humans
Our census neglected to tally

And the rain falls and blows through
I caught a string full of fish down by the damn
I'll drag them back to the field they should be dead by then
Wipe the sweat off my neck and tally
and my shirt like they was chicken crumbs
The room spinnin', finna' yak if I don't hit the blunt
Got the chin wagon, slim chances of me getting up
talk you through this
How loneliness edged into deep seeded psychosis
Lying away in crowded hotel rooms focused on takers
With my feelings laid clear
of the Baphomet unraveling
Either way his ID show a snake and skull
Always been a private dude who couldn't keep a tally
Of which lies he told who
Dye his hair,
and tally hoe the plow/
'Cause 'ima gonna grow a woman from the ground/
the night was a cahlk board with a fingetr nali moon/ 
and the fish aint dead
the way, I seen your bitch, she was up in this cat's room
Skeyed up, weed the fuck up, to top it off
Look beat up, with two crack fiends huggin' your seed up
Then go
Splurgin off something in some over sized excursins
Livin with a bitch you do nothin but blow herbs

when we tally hoe
Daddy go
That's when
because you were told.He could see you look at him from across the room.Everything you heard about him is so untrue.Another drink for you is gonna make it
On the low deal a mil, I ain't done come again
Room dead, scene fled, 'fore the feds runnin' in


[Verse 3]
Comin' live from the Terra-Dome
was hollow with no flow to follow
Bust a nut, all in your mouth, and made him swallow
I take 16 emcees, lock em in a room
Make em feel the contact,
declare war
And when the battle's done, tally up the score
So bear ya arms, grab ya Lucky Charms
Or get direct hits from Napalm Bombs

Feel it
blow herbs
when we tally hoe
daddy go
that's when my niggas say boom boom crack boom boom
that's what the trigger say

what I deliever
Double dare ante up
Tally ho ah
Lights down lights up
Merry woe ah
Super duper fly
Super naturalle ah
Hips in a twist
Thighs in a roll ah
Throw a nigga body around the room have a nigga lookin' like Jamiroquai
And yes I, am a firm believer 
That the naked truth looks a hundred times
boo, how are you?"
Yeah, cool, now tally-o your ass back across the room
You see me with Pocahontas
I ain't tryin to be honorary but honestly I ain't

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