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It happens all the time
I'm 7 feet tall
And I repeat
They don't make a ski boot that can fit my feet
I'm 7 feet tall
And I don't play
7ft Tall (ooh)
7ft Tall (ooh)
7ft Tall (ooh)
Ballin' so hard
Ball like LeBron
7ft Tall 

7ft Tall 
7ft Tall 
My nigga 7ft Tall 
7ft Tall 
7ft Tall
         Hopin' just by chance that I'll get a glimpse of you
         E7                       D
         Tryin' hard to find you, somewhere I love
There is a little town way over yonder
By the creek there's a church yard and a tree so tall
She was only forty-seven when she passed away
built the ark? Brother Noah built the ark

In came the animals six by six
The elephant laughed at the monkey's tricks
In came the animals seven by seven
no set forth
His dismal gaze cripples souls
Renounce the seven deadly sins

The air unfit to breathe
The water poisoned by a blessing
The presence of the Lord is here (2x's)
I feel it in the atmosphere, 
The presence of the Lord is here, oh (2x's)

The spirit of the Lord is
(F)      G    G7
And stand up like a man so tall and free
Then you'll be the one to say
   C    C/b           Am
Oh darlin', can't
technical difficulties
 Please stand by"

[speaking in Spanish left untranslated]

Auto four six seven five four three
Equals, the levels, of nobody in this
You're too far down by now to be scared
Two hundred and eighty-seven feet
I saw Jesus and it made sense that He was there

So belong but don't
Johnson originally proposed an outright ban covering discrimination
  by everyone for every type of housing but it had no chance from the start
7, 8, 9
All right everybody
Now let's count down
10, 9, 8
7, 6, 5
4, 3, 2
Oh my 
This is swell
You can count
It's Mickey's countdown
find it easy to express myself
I hit the drums so hard I break all my heads
And then I end the day in one of my beds

I'm nearly 5 ft. 7 tall
I like
In came the animals six by six
The elephant laughed at the monkey's tricks
In came the animals seven by seven
Giraffes and the camels looking up
walkin' tall by seven
Graduated ten a.m. got saved by eleven
I took her hand it was straight up noon
Had three kids before two
They all grew and left in
a postcard to your sweetheart
Take a picture by the sign
See all the way to seven states
And the coast if the weather’s right
It’s always right, it’s
To install the notion that I divided by I
Replace the occasion to speak
I'm not the only lonely boy

until I decide to take my watch off, I still
the debris cloud into the atmosphere below.
The obliteration of Flab Quarv 7 On the horizon was the blazing outlines
of a bombed city, the outlying areas
and a barbecue
#33 just like you

Sweet lew, how could you?
Sweet lew, makin' me blue

A laker trade their bobby-d for a house, a guru by the sea
A little
on Orleans town
Walkin' into work this mornin' at daybreak
I caught her with the tall long dandy from canebreak
As she walked right by me and she looked
He was 5 foot 7
Strong as an Oak tree
Yeah he had a good reason
for every lick he gave me
But he showed me the ropes
Good whiskey and smoke
Crooked Jack
(Traditional; arranged by Seven Nations)

Come on Irishmen both young and old
With adventure in your soul
There are better ways to spend
Oh, New York is changing.
Wherever you look,
Big tall buildings by Tishman
Tishman, ahh...

If I were a Tishman,
Yum di diddle didle doody
arm--It's on
I party like a rap star, baby the facts are
The third time's a charm
So meet me by the Eiffel Tour
Bring a bottle of Dom

I am
[Hook: Unknown Singer]
Live by the gun, die by the forty (x7)

[Killah Priest]
I see demons in the atmosphere
Gats appears out of nowhere

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