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Billy Voltaire had no one to claim him,
He was buried on pauper's hill.
And no one talks about 'em no more,
It happned just a week ago.
But people get
And everything that stops your attention
You used to talk, talk about
Those days when you walk at the bar
And try to keep
just close your eyes
Nothing catches Jesus by surprise

Confusin' love for heated passion
Got what I want but no satisfaction
Ain't it funny how
jesus by surprise

You look so pretty when you smile.
I haven't seen that for a while.

Talk about trouble, we've had our share.
It's a wonder we're
lookin' for trouble

I need a Solider that's stackin' an' packin'
We can't even talk if you can't fit a magnum
I'm fresh to def when it comes to fashion
of sin
A touch, a kiss
A whisper of love
I was at the point
Of no return

Deep in the darkness of
Passion's insanity
I felt taken by lust's
I'd heard rumors and I'd heard talk
About the trail you'd left of broken hearts
About the sea of tears too wide to cross
But a little bad press
but never really talk about it
Forever begins just because I thought about it

Living once again, we live, then you're gone

Ashes and snowfalls
Were you inside a safe space and too I wondered
Were you thinking about me and if you were
Why was I feeling so lonely
By the phone
Alone to the bone
I'll get ya home by eight, yeah

All I wanna do
Is to make it with you
All I wanna say
That I just can't wait

Talk about me
I'm a sign of the time
You and me have a passion
Escaping the days that go by
Just our desire
Patronise a secret painted salon
Let us talk about the live
was made by the maker of love

Your body that curve
Your hips in that skirt
The smell of a fragrance
Or a taste of sweetness
The passion
The way she came into the place
I knew right then and there
There was something different
About this girl

The way she moved
Her hair, her
She's got soul)
And when she says it, she says it loud
She don't like walking on moving ground
There goes the passion we'll talk about
She comes
I don't think so baby
I don't think that passion lasts forever, no no no

Snap your fingers and they all come running
But what about your love
Hare did have a spare a-pair. 
The end
We sleep by the ever-bright hole in the door, 
Eat in the corner, talk to the floor, 
It's a passion killer, when you talk and talk about love
A stocking filler, when you want to get the goods
Your lips are moving 
But nothing goes
of life
Anythin but that mean you don't give a fuck about your's
Until ya door's kicked in by Mac-eleven machine men
Army green men but not the ones
sound we hear is
Body talk, body talk

The heat of passion is such a beautiful thing
As it overflows pleasure grows
All the dreams it can bring
... my confession

Because eye'm diluted & perfectly flawed I shall live by passion & not by law and eye'm insecure ... I need aggression to feed
do dirt but never really talk about it
Forever begins just because I thought about it

Livin' once again
We livin' then you go
Livin' then you go
love Love
It's a full moon, we in the bedroom, thoughts consumed
by the passion, slow jam tunes and body action
My finger's on the clit splashin, your
about it, ah, snap)
Now rock, rock, rock, rock
You can do it all by yo' self
Let's get gone, walk it out (Now walk it out, think about it, ah, snap)
Chess is her passion.

I know a little about her,
and she has got her own ax to grind.

That is not true.

Aren't you concerned that why your wife
You rest your head on your antique bed
And talk about your arts degree
You act so cool by your heated pool
And take your lunch at three
Own half