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God forbid love ever leave you empty handed
I hope you still feel small
When you stand by the ocean
Whenever one door closes, I hope one more opens
Taking a chance going
Into the great unknown

Facing your fears and feel
What's on your mind
When all alone

Fall into the sea
Soon you will
wings were broken?
Thats the method of love

By chance she calls
Shatters the mood Im in
Letting the light shine in
Bathe me in grace
The trials
And better still
Look at my face and see your father

I'm ready to take my turn
Taking the shot that I've earned
Chance is what keeps me rolling
I have loved, and I have lived
And I have had my wild romances
I've taken all that life can give
And taken my fair share of chances

It's been
I hope you never fear those mountains in the distance 
Never settle for the path of least resistance 
Living might mean taking chances but they're
third baby 
And sometimes I think maybe I should've left here long ago 

Travellers are stopping by, check their oil and their p.s.i. 
Gas up and away
I got nothing to lose, I'm going all out
The deuce never stop, I refuse to play by the rules
Uptight, when you stepping into the night,
to blow the track
Wide open, who’s next to float by Billy Ocean
I got a city of girls wet and still soaking
Yo, dreamy eyes, you better run it
I blow
Is this right, how do we know
Should we take a chance tonight, take the chance tonight
Should I be sitting by your side, for the rest of your life

Wow wow wow
Treasure me, I'll always be by your side 

Sweet, sweet, freshly-picked fruits
Hold me now or go, you only have one chance
for the day he got smoked
Choke, off this anecdote got you ope
Get roast, by my lyrics Billy Dee .45 Colt
And I'm out for nine nickel (INS the rebels)
or Richard's bay
rhyming with Billy Ocean or Al be	 Sure
won't get you play by Joan's Rivers I clean clothes, lyrical mean pros
go against dream flows hope your
Martin Luther King and Jesus Christ by the brass
I'm so glad Josie decide not to have that abortion
And put me in a can or even take me to the ocean
I've got a house down by the ocean
The rent is not too high
And I love to watch the ships come in
And hear the seagulls cry

And lately I've been
this anecdote got you ope
Get roast, by my lyrics Billy Dee .45 Colt
And I'm out for nine nickel (INS the rebels)
West, list this, this, this
find a red ocean of pigs
Stay away from my zone
Where it starts and it ends
That's how we murder policemen upon planet 10

Step up in this 8 by 10
Spending all our lives
On what we believe in
Struggle day by day
But never retrieving
Taking our chances
And follow the footsteps
out somebody.
Give me a good book, a radio, and a sewing machine,
A place in the woods by the ocean and no inbetween.
I gotta get rid of these dark
believing (and)
And the solar system rotes so harmonious and even
It's perfectly balanced

Verse 2:
Some people say life is about taking chances choices
I'm thinkin'
In this ocean of hours I'm all the time drinkin'
Who am I helping, what am I breaking
What am I giving, what am I taking
But you try
bock county the northwest region
By the ocean not the valley
It's considered the most ronic California commodity
The hommies call it puff or balm