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colors too loud
Everything must coincide with the way I feel
And by the way, it's Scott Larock on the wheels of steel
So I take one step to adjust
Growing up in a little town where there's not a lot to do
No matter where you go troubles bound to run into you
There was only one water hole this
goes by too fast
It'll take you anywhere you want to go
And every memory will bring you back

Down this road there's a small white church
people love me 
Some are far below me 
And you know there's some above me 
But this, my hypothesis, to conclude the story 
All you fake MC's
a girl in the bar
Walked up beside him
And this is what she said

She said, a woman came by
With a letter for you
And this is what the letter said
start this rhyme again
How many words can I find that rhyme
And still keep in mind every lyric must come out on time
Not many but I have plenty
And they call us the gonzos, the gonzo compadres
Los gatos con queso, and we love our mommies

We live by the mountains, we live by the sea
We live
fall in love with war
When the angel fucks the whore

When the road we travel on
Takes us back where we came from

A million kinds of possibilities
The many years have gone by
You still hear her sigh
No kiss was like this
And though the town fell out of love with him
And called him a few unkind names
to kill me
I'm all right now because the sensemi' fill me
Scott just laughed, he said I know they're all dead
And just before you pulled the trigger this
Gettin' stupid ... crooked feet 
A pinball on ... Scott Walker Street 
Gettin' stupid ... in a bar 
Not goin' home ... til the band plays
Fire walkers feel no pain from the coals
Ruled by passion beyond their control
Vengeance is king in the zone of Red Vision
Sparks fly and tempers
Jerry Jeff Walker

Sometimes out here on this road
Too late to call I see the telephone
My mind's a line running straight for home
And I can see her

I bet you're in a bar,
Listening to a country song.
Glass of Johnny Walker Red,
With no one to take you home.
They're probably closing down,
Every little step we take breaks the dreams
Of a warm pig itching to re-stitch the seams

Namsayin, when I walk, I want to break concrete!
Jerry Jeff Walker

Layin' my life on the line, that's what I do all the time
Well I find myself each night, facing a white light
Layin' my life
a lover
Beside my brother, S-C-O-T-T
I just laughed, cause no one can defeat me
This is lecture number two, "My Philosophy"
Number one, was "Poetry" you
that's what happens when you listen to
Saint Scott Walker
On headphones
On the bus.
What about us? What about us?
My friends come round and they ask me
broke it up
I always thought to myself "Damn, why they fucked it up?"
But never the less I was in love with the microphone
And it stayed that way until I
prisoners of the night
Trust and love will lead the way
We are free

Yeah, I'm free to rock this mic to walk right in a dark night lighted by the sun (we
Words and music by roger taylor

They were talking in whispers
In bear skins and fur
Captain scott and his heroes to be
To have laboured so long
consumed By people with a larger mouth (?) fa fa fa fa Shall we take ourselves seriously? Shall we talk about it all night long? Shall we think we are so
Walker, Bishop Noel Jones

Moms Mabley, Reverend Blake Scott
Aretha Franklin, Reverend Jamal Bryant
Dorothy Dandridge, Richard Pryor
Lena Horn, Samuel
start this rhyme again
How many words can I find that rhyme
And still keep in mind every lyric must come out on time
Not many but I have plenty
(feat. Jade, Sonny Black)

[sped up vocal sample]
It's collllllllllld! Col-hoh-ollllld
Collld cold, in this big city babe
Ahh but that don't