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on the TV screen?
Battle with the white man day by day
Feds takin' pictures, doin' play by play
They don’t never want to see the black man eat
Nails in
This is (Hell)
This is (Hell)
This is (Hell)
This is

Hell, incest kids under pressure
In the corner clutching they genitals by the dresser
There must be a thousand ways
Holding us within this maze
Every path we take, leads us astray

Comfort me, my only son
Till the day my work is done
Island lover
To kiss and caress her under cover

She cannot take it no more she's got one foot trough the door
Need some time by herself she
no matter where I am instead 
Singing along to feeling alright 
Or making it by under pink moonlight 
It's always Penny and me tonight 

G Unit niggas, that's what's up
Disrespect me, I'll have niggas blast ya up
Take my advice, don't let ya peoples grass ya up
I got a fetish for
DVD?s clogged arteries and MP3?s, 
He?s got this antisocial mental brain disease. 
And I want to break him out, want to show him the world. 
I'm a rich merchant ship bound for fair London Town
London Town, London Town
Would you please for to let me pass by?

"Oh no, oh no", cried Henry
2, we both knew you looked at me
The way I looked at you
Day 3, you take me

If love stood to stand a chance
I would've stood by you
But it was
, every day
My brother needs a place and a job where he can make
Enough money to take care of his baby

Here's a simple dissertation on a complex situation
I'm a rich merchant ship bound for fair London Town
London Town, London Town
Would you please for to let me pass by?

"Oh no, oh no", cried Henry
To takin' belongings in my ultimate goal
I'll take your China and your silver and your soul
By darkness and night I shimmy up the drain-pipe

The maggot,
Every now and then I have a moment of authentication
Reveals the man inside me like illumination
Trial by fire purification
The day I die is the day
day you are missin’ out on
Tell Him His grace is efficient and strong
Tell Him what day you are missin’ out on

[Repeat: x3]
Tell Him His grace is
Everybody, everybody
Everybody sit your bitch ass down and
Listen to this true mothafuckin' story told by Kendrick Lamar on Rosecrans, ya
He'd never left his home before
He was from Texas

As they stormed that beach one foggy summer day
He said if I don't make it back promise me one
Need a savior they say slain for your behavior
Raised in three days grace be what he gave ya
The sun that'll make ya want to gravitate ta
Triple X, dvd's, I got a whole stack in
Was snapped out of my daydream by something that I seen
I left the tissue full of spunk on the floor by my jeans
still in the mind of apocalyptic, biblical optimistic
Thank my lucky stars, never I say my graces, I'm so thankful god
Take me to the promise land, all I
a third world nation 
Under the thumb of some blue blood royal son 
Who stole the oval office and that phony election 
I mean 
It don't take
Ain't it funny when you take a look back
It don't feel like wasted years

Days go by shades of blue
Nights fall down on me and you
That's all right if
Pour me one
Bartender, I’ve been waitin’ all day, hurry up

It ain’t too complicated
I’ll take it how they make it
On the beach, or on the lake
supper, eat it down by the sea
Gave my baby twenty, forty good reasons
Couldn't find any better ones in the morning at three

Rain gonna come but
to rain,baby I can take away ya pain if ya trust
Me close ya eyes feel the magic never leave when ya need me I do ya just
Like daddy

I met her when she was
the heartbeat of passions, spew forth with the grace of a tart going under, subject of great concern, noble origin
Right Voice (Reed, Yule)
Denigrate obtuse