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And they never have much fun

You don't need me?
You don't need me?
Yea I
You don't need me?
Mika I'll take you [incomprehensible]
Getting home again getting home again 

David I said as he started to go 
Another years gone by 
Won't you write me some time 
I'll miss you ,you know
away, ha-ha,
They're coming to take me away, ho-ho,
Hee hee, haa haa
To the happy home
With trees and flowers and chirping birds
And basket-weavers
"Of David.Annotate Do not compete with the wicked; do not envy those who commit injustice. For like grass they will soon wither, like green

"Come go with me my pretty little miss
Come go with me my honey
I'll take you across the deep blue sea
Where you never shall want for money."
of everything
The cliches, the candles, the mess

Lucy and I never seen with David
Brian never talks
Help me in policks and sense in Arnold
Tell me all
kick back and relax
He learnin' to treasure the simpler pleasures
It comes real easy for me
As a matter of fact life by the tracks
It's kinda hard
By David Roche

He's not dead or alive
He's not off with some other guy
He's not lost track of the time
He's just


People say hey it'll
to sleep
Eyes closed up from you with my heart heavy
So won't you please wake me up and shake me up and take me up said babylon will make me shock wave yes I
Way back in 5000 B.C.
Ole Adam an' Eve had to flee
Sure, dey did dat deed in
De Garden of Eden
But why chasterize you an' me?

It ain't
Written by: david henman

Better take it slow
Feel the shadows flow
You've been watchin' her for oh so long
And it shows

Better take it slow
A parody of "Riding With Private Malone" (Written by Thom Shepherd and Weed Newton. Recorded by David Ball)
New lyrical adaptation by Cledus T. Judd
on the sidewalk
By a café where I hope to be working soon
Please come to Boston
She said, "No, David, you come home to me"

And she said
"Hey rambling boy,
the garage
On the side of a grand prestigious home
Y'all ask if I'm blessed by God, player what you thought?
What Rev. you seen on chrome?
Gotta make these
on the sidewalk
By a café where I hope to be working soon
Please come to Boston
She said, "No, David, you come home to me"

And she said
"Hey rambling boy,
the comfort she'd been fed
And she recalled just how she'd bled
And how they'd watched her try

Don't take me for a fool
'cause I know the world is
fueled by belief

Home, welcome home, take a little walk
Take a little walk right through my
Home, this is home
Take a little walk, take a little walk

(Mack David/Joan Whitney/Alex Kramer)

Some say that love is sweet as a rose,
Some say it?s honey and the bee,
Well sit right down
Jumbo, go away
Jumbo, go away
Jumbo leave me alone
Get your head off my bone
I wanna go home
("I'm hungry")

Jumbo lighten up
Jumbo lighten up
Jumbo give
the mound

Boys better not clown

I got 85 niggaz wit me

Representin' town


200 automatic uzi's wit da tommy gun clips

Make you boys take them
Take her by the sun bath
I do it all and I see it clear
All day I am lonely
Pretty about my ? cloud
Baby come home
Down by the ? tell me know
and by
There's a better home awaitin'
In the sky, Lord, in the sky

Tell me, when the circle be unbroken?
Oh, by and by, Lord, by and by
Call me Efrem Zimbalist,
Get me Bobby Kennedy,
Then call Dave Ben-Gurion, too.
Then tell Carol Baker I'm home, now;
Tell her Mastroianni sends
Down home (Way down home) Way down home (Way down home)

Watermelon (Watermelon) costs but a dime (Watermelon)
And the fish by the river
They jump they
still hungry
in cyphers eatin up every muh'fuckah amongst me
people try to ax stupid and stump D (HOT!)
so much proof in me that i'm drunk and stumbling

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