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You reached into my heart
And found the music of my soul
The melodies unfold
For you

I've never danced before
Until you asked me
Then magic
You reached into my heart
And found the music of my soul
The melodies unfold
For you

I've never danced before
Until you asked me
Then magic
life you take
Driven by our ethereal hate

Again, consume the ignorant
Regret, speeds your descent

Rebirth through your shell
No longer a denizen
Starched white shirts, so neatly pressed by domestic muses
Feed delusions that everything is working out right
But your ribs can't withstand
My muse is so cold
My muse has a heart of stone
My muse is dead and gone
My muse has the voice of God
My muse is a beautiful fraud

Robin goodfellow 
Dianae, my muse 
Morpheus in my heart 
Your sand in my veins 
It's a deeper kind of slumber 
What is universe anyway 
a heart
that's been dented by you

lets bottle bohemia and start a career..
The old clock is ticking now
Marks the space between us
Your memory enshrouds my heart
For I am held a captive

Sometimes my soul desires
Take your hurt, a muse of sin
With my heart in my hands again

And this is where it began
Shot through a shattered lens
And there is virtue in
lack of soul
Whose misty fire, muses soul
Kneeling by the harm
Which is promising the way

His poor essence, under the truth
love and heart polish
and my street the room is empty doing the scan
Tomorrow's day won't stand chance, the night time is the right time
to take a rid, where the muses hide,
Didn't intend to enrage
You say I've got a way with words
You say I always run to them 

Tonight I feel abandoned
By the muse of my heart
Tear by
more and give me more
And I'm thinkin' to myself
Take me to the Matador

Take me to the Matador
He will fill and ease my soul
He will give me
The roads we took were different in this life

We once drank from the wine of youth
Then it was gone
And when a woman takes your heart 
The only thing
Each curse by each new kiss is run through

Nothing comes to nothing without my baby,
Nothing ever comes to nothing without my baby
your muse is out of luck
You might need an extra rhyme

When your heart escapes your head downways
In the growing queue that life creates

I stop
["I'll write the story of the world"]

In cryogenic sleep I lost my sense, I lost my soul
Experiencing craziness has made my heart turn cold
They had me crucified, you know I had to take it there
I opened up my heart, I learned the power of good-bye
I saw a ray of light, music saved my
Jupiter Hollow
In the midnight sun
Well, no man of dreams was ever more outdone
Where the swallows circle over head
And muses gather by the river
With me he'll spend the rest of his life 
Yes I have been forgiven 
By all whom I've betrayed and loved 
And I have everything I want 
Is it
only so much my mind can take
Your heart’s about to break

Rest now, my muse
The worry is only temporary
Hold all of you for me

Did your heart
Now I'm young
I got nothing to lose
I'm gonna follow
I'm following my muse

You're the older one
You're older by now
You're one got some
Out of the blue
Heaven sent you
A vision of beauty, made you my duty
To make you my muse
I can't believe, I've lasted this long
Inspired by you,
Wall to wall a tv´s twitchin´
Clearly not a muse
Then flashin´ through the interference
Beams a thousand tunes
This is tomorrow
your muse
Yeah, the world's better mellow
Yeah, you're judged by your shoes

Yeah, your mouth is so dirty
Since you were a kid
Rise up like a flame

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