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You say, my John
Our time has not yet come 
And the bittersweet scent of her taciturn bent
Split our chord in two

Rescued and clean, Sally, I'm
the lucky lucky penny penny penny
Buys the pearly dew drips soaks

Taciturn to fellow
So try to turn to loan him these
Bruised your eye on her staff
It might stop the melodies
That often leave me deaf and disturbed
And I might change the frequency
That everything's attuned to my world
and all the wonders we can see
Oh I will wait, girl I will love you
And as we dance to the rhythm of our taciturn hearts
And as we bask in the glory
to be related 
Taciturn and sated 
With the purest inner sanctum 
In the houses that we came from 

Shaking hands and stumbling thoughts 
And the inner
I remember in December turning our new leaf
But you made me taciturn, I didn't even wanna speak

And I'll whisper in your ear anything you wanna
Pre-war matador
Save your broken bones
Golden rule, he's such a fool
In the streets alone
Slow burn, taciturn
Nothing left to say
Column five,
Sinking like a stone, up into midair

And she's working at the meaning of the game
On the taciturn reflection of her face
Days and days I've
Comes the pearly dewdrop's drops
Can tease the lucky lucky tiny tiny tiny
Visor pearly dew drips those
Taciturn to follow
So to turn to loan him these
"Who can it be?"

He was a very dull boy, very taciturn.
Not much of a joiner, he did not want to learn.
No no.No no. 

They're coming to get me,
weird sin
We seek out the taciturn

And that's the way we get by
The way we get by
Oh, that's the way we get by
The way we get by

Well, that's
weird sin
We seek out the taciturn

And that's the way we get by
The way we get by
Oh, that's the way we get by
The way we get by

Well, that's

Put a fire on me but I don't burn
Shit on my history 'til I'm taciturn
Make a mockery of reality
Generations still are recovering
the moderates
For those who sit
Recalcitrant and taciturn
You know I'd rather turn and burn than scale this edifice, yeah
Where's my accomplice?
So take my
becomes the proud.
But to be wholly taciturn
In your reserve is not allowed.

Say something to us we can learn
By heart and when alone repeat.
the tears run dry
The story goes
What's left behind
Shivers like a leaf
Taciturn and gentle
It's not hard to believe

The Girlshapedlovedrug
you look at me like at some distant star
I never really could accept how taciturn you are
But why does it feel?
Like the choir is weeping?
the fauns and ferns

And the love we hold
And the love we spurn
Will never grow cold
Only taciturn

And I'll tell you tomorrow
Sadie, go on home now
have to say a word
So I didn’t
Oh no I didn’t
I stood there reticent and taciturn
And I wondered
Por que no me respetas
Si yo siempre te quise
Esto no es
Pașii muți de spirit taciturn
Poartă-n iarbă animal nocturn
Ochii ei sunt aștri muribunzi
În privirea ei tu te scufunzi

Va sări pisica pe șoarece
So crack open my chest, help me see what's best for me
But your iniquitous lies and your taciturn eyes will be
All I remember when you slow, you will
All remnants of those pleasures
That I have not found
Are scattered on my surface
You will see nothing
But my taciturn gaze

Burning scars into your
the crew
And it’s done, watch and learn
Tim is gonna feel the burn
I feel numb, but it’s fun
When I am so taciturn
Look it up
Means I don’t have to say much
Simple and sweet
When you asked me for my hand
On a weekend night 
I can't say that I know you
Ooo but I'd like to
We were nobody then
But taciturn

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