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Deja vivir en este mundo
Para recordamos en nuestro amor
Para vivir asi ya tengo
Deja vivir en este mundo

Ta bada bada bada bada bada bada bada
a drink

Put it on my tab, I'm buying, I'm sending a bottle your way
Put it on my tab, 'cause you had a long day
Put it on my tab, I'm buying, I'm
You drink and drink
You never got a reason
But you put it on my tab
You put it on my tab

You drink and drink
You never got a reason
But you take
me finger stink,
I think it's all this beer they make me drink.
Tab after tab after tab after tab we smoke,
Tart after tart after tart after tart we
But I sure don't think it's gonna rain
Ah ah, oh no
The gold is in my pockets
Caps and tabs are in my sleves
Ah ha
Gold is in my pockets
in smoke until it all came down
Just like after tabs and stooge and tables got turned
To the only joint my momma ever burned

Just like someone flipped
The ovens clean themselves
You don't pay the tab 'til the last drop
So we all ride for nothing
'Cause this train never stops
Da da da da da da

Bookmarks all up in Safari
They don’t want me going too far
Bookmarks all up in Safari
'Cause my old jawns tryna keep tabs on me
Yeah my old
Que paso mama
What this caíd mama
His tab does tab se quedo mama
Con el leo dan hállale
El don tab y swam

Ahora el tiempo nos dirá
Que yo con Celia
Well, don't you play with Plastic Money
I'm gonna pay all tabs away with Plastic Money

I'm playing' with everythin'
And I'm lookin' all around
I just
Losing my domestication,
Like a tab in the ocean.
I hump like a fuckin' whale
And piss wherever I want.
Thar' she blows from my fuckin' dick
the curtains down for me, for me

I've got the old man's car
I've got a jazz guitar
I've got a tab at Zanzibar
Tonight that's where I'll be, I'll be
the go-ahead and he goes down
Double tab to the head then he gets drowned

Double tap

That bin Laden's gotta go
Code name Geronimo!

Double tap
More and more I can't say no
So afraid of letting go
If there's something I can grab
You can bet I'll pay the tab
Counting all the flowers
She knows all their faces, she's practically
Raised them
And that why they're loyal and true
They'll pay their tabs, and that pays the light bill
regard your body with regard to events
With which nothing planned
Never lacked a sense of theater
On returning with the tab you've gained
A head
Car culture looks out at you
Driving through a freeway
Night on your own
You don't have to please me
Or pick up my tab
Don't have to go too fast
Godless brother in love
You might as well
Lay down that rose
And fold the flag

She is money and tabs
That broken freedom in
See her big
Slowmotion shadows, no one around 
Silence ringing with another sound 
I got city's burning in my head 
My mind ghouls want to get fed 

TAB - kinda makes
All through the night
They begin to take shape
From the crack of the vinyl
To the hiss of the tape

Play and record
Held down together
Beat the bottle like tab's weimaraner
Pass out the weapons to the fan base
Do you wanna get organized?
Do you wanna get stabilized?
Dilate the egos like
It seems I've gained the world but have nothing,
To keep tabs upon this loss isn't wasted time,
Face opportunities to recognize now we have
T-to-the-A, B-double-O
Tab magnetic, rocking this show
Taking over beat when sees frequent
On the radio, it's the delinquent
Coz Tab be nimble, Tab be quick
And I won't be back 'til February comes

"I will stay with you if you'll stay with me,"
Said the fiddler to the drunk
And we'll keep the tab
When I say do it, jump to it

Send out for scotch, boil me a crab
Cut me a rose, make my tea with the petals
Just hang around, pick up the tab