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congregate like I'm T.D. Jakes
Bitches fuck with me they know that I'm straight
And the plug give me cakes on strength of my face
Count to save a ho go put
she hiccup
Had T.D. Jakes round this bitch doing stick-ups
Rhymes so real, thought I wrote it in Pac blood
Told me in my dreams that these niggas is
get used to it, I could get

This love's alive, it clicks the way that T.D. Jakes described it
Vibrant thing the way that Tip from Tribe would sing
women, we gotta keep livin, c'mon


Yeah! c'mon
Mr. X to the Z had to raise the stakes
Had to touch my people like T.D. Jakes
people, we are the future

[Chorus: x2]

Harriet Tubman, Shirley Caesar
Miss Jane Pittman, Juanita Bynum
Maya Angelou, Bishop T.D. Jakes
Madam C.J.
T.D. edges teeny
Sweatin' on my blow out
Sweatin' on my dress
This trick about to go off
Mad 'cause I'm so fresh
Fresher than you
I'm fresher than
on T.D. 

Try to creep me (what) 

Make that nigga sleepy 

Learn respect for you 

That's yo' kids daddy 

I ain't gon' send him on his way
ain't everything I need (No)
I miss the little things we used to do
And all i think about is you

(Whoa, whoa)

(uh) T.D. screening the call,
er und ich bin nicht du
Nichts geht über Hausmarke
Und an meine Ohren lass ich nur Smudo und T.D.
Nichts ist unmöglich mit der Kraft der zwei
you feel)
(See, just because I preach and teach)
(Don't mean I don't get scared sometimes)
Yea, whatever, but you T.D. Jakes (Well, then I don't make
sweatin' like T.D. Jakes
I want the ones nigga, you non-believers you can ask your Momma
Now that's drama

Uh, dollar icey from, papi with the scraper,
and I knew it was my duty cause the honey had a booty
I up jumped the boogie to the boogie the beat
Cause I'm a hellafied nigga, you can call me T.D.
But shit knowing me, I'ma throw a T.D.

I'm in the kitchen, with the Pyrex shaking
I'm 'bout my game, ain't got time for the faking
I might be rapping,

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