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say, that it's another on the clock
It is a summer-calling sickness

Sonsick at the t-ball games, I so feel luck
Maybe find a place where we could
prayers if just one prayer would come true
Lord, please believe in him, like I believe in you

Daddy's always been there for me
From T-Ball to touchdowns
but she didn't have time
She had a 5-year-old to feed
She had ballet class, piano lessons,
And t-ball little league
She could've laid awake for
An empty seat at t-ball games
Just a sacrifice he’ll make
Make it up, next weekend comes along
Years go by and that day comes too soon
That boy goes off
Steps up to the plate
Little brother, little league
Eighty-seven he was eight
Rookie season for the skinny slugger
Newly out of t-ball