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"I wanna score goals"
The coach said, "Buddy, remember your role
The fast guys get paid, they shoot, they score
Protect them, Buddy, that's what
They done showed up to squoosh my head, but I was saved by this guy they
Well they call him Mojo's dad cause he's a screaming lunatic
to the bone
Anything I had to do to get myself a home
There was water in the basement it looked like a swimming pool
The man said son that water'll help
or little, great or small,
It really doesn't matter at all
The way we shuffle our feet and hem and haw,
'Cause everybody's afraid they'll fall
Or else be left
Blue Cyclone, Oooh

Well my wife went out of town 'bout a year or so back
And left me at home by myself to batch,
And after five straight nights