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Syre, a beautiful confusion (I love you)
The story of a boy who chased the sunset until it chased him (where you goin'?)
Never quite sure about his
this nigga
Yo, but who's that floatin' in the mountains right there?

Oh, oh
Oh, oh
Oh, oh
Damn, this nigga SYRE is back
Oh, oh
Way I'm out of your control and
I touch your body in the ocean
Then I feel these raw emotions

Passion, pain and desire just like my big
Just wanna spend the night with you

Syre died in the sunset, don't be like him
Man, that's where the story ends, but it also begins
He's building
new albums
There has been a triple homicide by a man named Syre
So, you think you can save rap music?
touring the world from Japan to the six
Tryna get paid in full
Call me Syre, like Jaden, fool
Yeah, that's the power of will (Woo!)
Yeah, that's
a model, reincarnation's tomorrow
Yeah, look

Syre, don't do this
I don't wanna cry
I just want to get you out of my mind
Open your eyes
I been by
him, he doesn't remember, he died before)
(Syre, he doesn't remember, who, can you hear me, yeah I can, why, he doesn't remember, give us the album
No one, no one knows

Hey, Syre, who is she?
So, do you party much?
push it (can you see the vision?)

SYRE died in the sunset, don't be like him
ERYS was born in the dark and was handed a
A lot of shit I'm thinkin'
wanna go home (so come on over)

Summertime is meant to fall in love
Why won't you confess to all of us?
Drip-drop on my neck, that's octopus
syre åt hela jävla världens dokusåper
Det är trist att jobba så jag sitter och joddlar
Och groggar vodka med diskmedel och fiskleverolja
Rätt vad det
(Let bygones be bygones
So I crawl home with no shoulder to cry on) If your soul can pay the toll
No crushing, no houses to send flowers
Syre cried

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