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Apocalypse is dawnin' action on the mile
A 'Can-do' revolution, earth to the river Nile

Sweeten the ride Black Sunshine
Sweeten the ride, yeah
beside my bed
It gets me through the longest of long nights
I keep this dream inside my head
It's simple
Without it I would die

I'll let it sweeten
and sweeten your man

Sal's got a sugarlip (so they say)
Sal's got a sugarlip (so they say)
Sal's got a sugarlip (so they say)
Sweeten her feller with
One man down again
Wetin gal cause again aha
This sweet paradise
Oh you making man want again
She sweeten ma liver
Oh ma liver ma liver ma liver
fire and math for you (stars)
Fall off the flat for you (ocean)
Sweeten the pie for you (seas)
All that I have for you (forest)
Are fire and math for
LA girls, please act your age
You treat me like I have the plague
It's the Gyre and Gimble in the wabe
LA girls, please act your age
Sweeten up
The more you sweeten the more you want
No good for the long run
But it's nice..
Too nice if you ask me

Sugar my sugar me sugar B
Mama be all you
schicken Grüße raus an jede süße Maus
An alle Chicas und sweeten Señoritas

Dank weiblicher Geschöpfe schöpf' ich Lebenskraft
Schlürfe Lebenssaft, danke,
Jipangu, the images of tracks unbeaten
Recollect and sweeten
For a stay nice and short like a Haiku
Dear Jipangu, I wish to thank you

just avert your eyes and tell me to stay
You always said I wasn't sweet enough for you
Honey honey my bloods turned to honey baby doesn't that sweeten
'Cause sorry won't sweeten my tea
Sorry won't sweeten my tea

If I stop
Speaking when spoken to
Might just evaporate
Into the ether
And still you
ain't good enough babe
I'll sweeten the deal

Lay out your terms
I'm inclined to accept
Tell me in detail
How you plan to collect
I'll make you an offer
To all the boys and the girls
Walking along
To the sounds in my head
Only sticks and stones
I need
I need
Something more to sweeten my soul

To all
Oh it's what you do to me

Dritin' away in a candy daze
For days
Eatin' at the kitchen table
Watchin' TV cable 
My candy
Sweeten my life
He makes me
I'll mirror everything you give me
making it up ten times....

I give you all that glitters
sweeten all the bitter
take you higher than you've ever been
Don't put your sugar on me
It's to late to sweeten this baby
Hey casanova
It's over

Cheap words like these will rot your teeth with all the sicky
Incinerating you
Asphyxiating you
Suffocating you

From the shore of light 
A soft and gentle breeze
Sweetens the delight
Of spared atrocities

As the vessel
the stage
Look how it sweetens her
High time we got away
Want to live a cliché
I want the sun to kiss my skin
And the wind to hug
lookin' for a real good woman, boy you just wastin' time.

First she don't know how to sweeten your coffee, she can't even make up your bed.
She don't know
And sweetens all the dreams
I dream at night

She's my baby lady
She's my baby child
Looking like a princess
Such a pretty smile

Can it be the sun
down, spent some time on my sugar cube

Gonna sweeten your night
And gonna sweeten your day
So much sweeter, you're just going to be amazed
At my sugar
Get down, spent some time on my sugar cube

Gonna sweeten your night
And gonna sweeten your day
So much sweeter, you're just going to be amazed
must possess the underearth. 

Down, down, down 
Toll the bell, we're going to hell! 
Here we seek the fruit of creation. 
Bloodstained wine. It sweetens
My head is spinning
Something like a ferris wheel
My mind goes up and down
The way you make me feel

Oh if only I could trust ya
I bet you'd sweeten

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