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Chilling with the peng tings for too long
Man take her number disappear like a phantom
She call me up on my Lyca ting like Swarmz
When I go and Link
hated by a couple but I'm love by gyally
And mans retarded so put down the bally
Swarmz keeps coming with a hox white alley

Don't let me run tru'
She had qualms over Swarmz's live and forgot her man in an instant (ooh)
Why the fuck's your hubby in the back? 
Don't they know about social
They got skengs in the palm, man, they comin' like Swarmz
Yeah, my drillers love crashin' the rental (smoke, smoke, smoke, bow, bow, bow)
We can
hope you happy fam
What's the score board?
Where the tally at?
Swarmz on niggas
Where's the bally akh?
(Stop it)
What's with the chatting?
You lost it
I got hundreds like headie
And bars like Dave
Hop on the mic
And shit gets waved
You wanna ambush me
I'll get jumpy
I’m not like swarmz
When I say I
like apple I ain't talking bout no fruits 
Come like Stewie when I suck pon your boobs 
You up front Harry Kane striker
Come like Swarmz when you ping
Make you crash your whip just like Swarmz
I'm the European Unicorn
The way I come through and don't conform
2020 was a set back, needed x amounts
even with swarmz but I got the pumpy

She 100k plus on instagram
I don't have to speak much she knows the gang
Don't mind burning bridges, if the move is

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